Hello, Here is a few testimonies of my former clients;  

First 2 emails: 

“Emrick, I can’t tell you again how much I enjoyed and appreciated your expert help in working with me. I learned about myself, and how to work on things that have been keeping me from progressing toward a better life. You showed me ways to steer away from such personal obstacles such as procrastination, avoidance, and negativity. I have since found positive things daily in life and myself.    

The projects you put together for me, added to my whole awakening of self worth and self improvement. I have since gotten a number of things in my life straight and in order, and I now have an organized plan for me which will aid me with things to come. I know that I will be experiencing a number of strong and positive things in my personal growth in the near future.  
Thank you again for your patience and understanding. You have a peaceful way of allowing me to talk and express myself which I know was a key thing in me working toward my personal best.
Brian B., Actor, screenwriter”
“I got your e mail my friend. I’m well and busy . I’ve had 5 auditions in the last week,
and I have two today. I also have an extra scene in class…
I hope you’re well. 
Brian B, Actor and Screenwriter “
“After working with Emrick I saw great changes in my life; 
I landed a $10.25 Mil RE deal; I reduced my smoking to almost, zero, 
I felt much more calm and confident, I bought a car, 
Emrick taught me simple steps to take and coached me 
For success. He is caring, professional, reliable, and his system 
Really works. I strongly recommend him to be your success consultant, 
(He is also and ENERGY HEALER, and I felt this energy in him.)
SPEAKER: He is also a great speaker; I saw his presentation
and his positive energy is contagious, inspiring , and motivating. 
I also recommend him with trust to speak to Sales Teams, Teens, and other audiences. 
I have rarely seen such dedication in helping others to succeed, 
And his words have helped me a great deal. I owe him my success, 
And I strongly believe in his abilities. ” 
GREG D. ,Real Estate and Loan Assistant At Score Properties & Monster Mortgage
“Emrick has a great stage presence. I have seen Emrick perform on stage and
I think that he’d be a great asset for any event.
I have 15 yrs of experience in the industry of organizing events and
I recommend him for any kind of corporate event, teen empowerment event, or charity event.”
Daniel Villa, Audio Visual and Lighting Designer, CEO at Ambiance Lighting Pros, Inc.
“Emrick is someone you want to associate with, especially if you are new at marketing online. He has the heart of a teacher and conveys to his followers a sincere heart-felt desire to help them find their success. 
He is diligent in his work and constantly looking for improvements to his methods. “
Andy Newsome,  Business Associate at Solavei
“Emrick is a passionate person when it comes to help others.
He is always researching and working at his skills to be better as an Author, a Success Mentor and a Speaker.
Not only did he get certified as a Success Coach, NLP practitioner, Hypnotist, and Speaker, but he work at his crafts relentlessly, with passion, and commitment.
He always says, “Nothing is impossible; everything is possible.”
He coached others all his life; he decided to dedicate himself entirely to Coaching professionally
for the last 5 years.
I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a good Success Coach or a Trainer for sales teams. “
Donna Abeyta, Healthy Lifestyle
SPEAKER:    “Emrick has a strong delivery to present the many ideas he showcases for a motivational session.
He knows what he wants to say, and then expresses it in a way that would inspire
and motivate any teen and young adult.
I have known Emrick for years, and I can say that his energy and enthusiasm
is enough to carry anyone to the next level of their life.
He did it for me, and he can do it for others.
Brian Baldini


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