How to Find your Purpose

How to find your own purpose. This is a question that I often re-evaluated.  It is important to you to find your own purpose. why you are here on earth.  Seek and you shall find. I searched for mypurpose, and there it was: plainly as a nose on my face. So I wrote it down. SunsetDomRep2

My Purpose

My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm

To support and inspire others to fully express

Their talents in a harmonious and loving way.

I am here to help them.


It doesn’t have to be exactly the same wording and the same quality, but i think now you have the idea. First, search tow of your personal qualities. then what would you do if nothing would stop you, and everything would be possible. finally, combine all what you found and write a sentence indicating your stronger desire. there you are, you have found your purpose .

Finally, write this statement and put it up where you often go. at your desk , above your desk. in the bathroom, at eye level. at the computer, at the eye level.

This is how to find your own purpose.


Peace, Love, Happiness to You…