When You are Depressed or Feel Lonely

You may feel you are alone, but you are never alone. Remember that you are Never Alone.

God-Source-Universe is a spiritual energy, always ready to help you  in whatever circumstance you may be. All you have to do is ask. But don’t ask too many times. This will create a state of lack and uncertainty which may control your thought and keep you from getting your help. Ask with emotion, then let it go, and let God-Source help you.

It Could Be Worse

When you feel depressed or overwhelmed, look at your problem in a distant way.

Look at it from a detached way. Think or / and say” it could be worse , much worse. “

Most of the problems we get, it is more an emotional state of mind that the  problem

itself that bother us. It is your attitude, your state of mind which dictates how you “should “ feel.

Talk to Yourself

One technique is to talk to yourself in the second person, in the following way:  “ (your name), Don’t worry. Calm down. You are all right;  you are OK. So, don’t worry. You are a great person. Look at all the good things you do in your life. Don’t just look at the mistakes, focus on the good. This is who you truly are. You are perfect.“ and so on. You have pamper yourself this way. Sometimes, it is necessary.

Pat Yourself

Even it is sound odd, you can kiss yourself , pat yourself, rub your own shoulder. Often, others can’t really feel how and what you feel. It is not their fault; they just don’t feel what you feel, even when they love you dearly. So then cover yourself with love, pat yourself, and say “ Don’t worry it will be alright. I am here for you. I love you. You are a darling.”

Write a Letter

Another way to deal with a bad moment, is to write a letter to God-Universe-Source, about what your problem is, just like to another person, to a friend. He-She will listen to you. Be careful to be more in the  asking mode than in the blaming tone.  This will just worsen your mind.  When you ask Source, be in the state of expectation more that in the question whether you will get help. “Know that you know that you know,” as said one of the speakers in the Secret movie. Each one of us has to face a problem at point in our life. You are not any different .  You are a unique individual, part of a great spirit.

Stay Away for Complainers

We know that many people complain, and even though this is a difficult thing to do, you have to stay away from such types of conversation. If you have colleagues that complains often, try to change the subject of the conversation to something more upbeat, more positive, or go to the restroom to “recharge” your mind with positive thoughts. Try not to partake to complains, since it will fill you with negative thoughts, and the cycle will go on and on. By the way, complaining and gossiping have the same effect. So keep away from gossiping too.

Contemplate Life

Another things is to live with a contemplative mind. Pay attention to the nice things in life. There is always a bird that sings, a child that laughs, a person saying a nice word, or doing something nice, even in the worst of living conditions. The more you focus on the positive in life, and the more you will see positive people, things, and events coming your way. Meditate on these wonderful things.


When you are by yourself, smile,   smile to yourself, say nice things to yourself. “You are such a great guy or girl.” Smile while driving, or washing dishes, or doing a chore.  Smile about anything; this little child playing, this young one helping, and so on.  Even smile without reason all together. But soon there is always a reason to smile. It’s like magic. A smile attracts good thoughts and good things to you.

Stay away from News and Talk shows

Try not to watch the news; it is often talking about life with a negative angle, and often kills the positive thoughts. If you really want to know what ‘s the news, Scan them on the internet or in the newspapers. This way is less personal, and won’t affect your mind as much as the newscast on television.

Sing a Happy Song

Sing a happy song that you know, even if it is a children song! It is all right, you need something to cheer you up. Singing a happy song may seem quaint to you, but it raises your energy and your mind.  Singing is also a balm to your soul. It is always beneficial. If you can’t really sing alone, put on some of your favorite songs and sing along with your stereo. During the harsh times of slavery, it was music who kept slaves going, and basically only songs where their strength. It helped them with pain, worse living conditions, and the anxiety of separation from their best friends. Yes singing songs is a powerful action, and will help you for sure. .

Give to a charity in your neighborhood

Another great booster is to give some old clothes or something you don’t use anymore to a charity in your neighborhood. You are a person who needs to do good things, in your life. It is a habit that changes your outlook of life, of yourself for the better. You will feel more useful, and this automatically will give you a boost to your mind. Believe it or not, it is our nature to give. And with giving, you will automatically receive. When you give, be happy in your heart. Be even a little proud; not arrogant, of course. Give with happiness and little pride, and put in your gift a blessing. Also, if you see a poor man in the street, give him/her with a smile or a gentle word, or a gentle thought, or a silent blessing. You will see wonderful reactions when you do that also.

A moment solution: Go on YouTube

This is a more direct and short time way, but why not. Type Funny or search songs. There is always something funny to watch on Youtube. Personally, I like to watch “Where is Matt”, Animal stunts, “I love the mountains” song, funny commercials, and so on. You can also type inspirational speakers.


If you apply one of these approaches, or preferably several of these, you will surely have a boost of energy in you, and feel better readily. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you already have. Did you know that Chinese people don’t have drinkable water, and need to boil their water in order to drink?  Too often we take things for granted. Try not to take anything for granted.

I hope these pieces of advice will help you go through those harsh moments that are just that: moments. Sing, Dance, play with your dog, take a walk, say Hi to your neighbors, smile, laugh, enjoy the moment. Oh, one last thing: don’t stay alone in your place. Go out for a walk. Breathing the fresh air is always beneficial for your mind.

Be Happy! To Your Best Life!