Meditation Tip

Meditation is a great energy booster.

It can be done in different ways, but keep in mind that you look for a way of passive state, to be a cup waiting to be filled, and not trying to do anything during meditation.

If you are new to it, just listen to a piece of quiet music , and lit a candle; look at the flame with passive attention. If you are lucky and have a garden, meditate in passive contemplation; look at the activity, admire the flowers and colors, and feel the pleasant breeze on your face.

Also, you can meditate in the awareness of all your surrounding, focusing on your breath. Do not try to modify your breath. But try to observe your breathing. When you close you eyes in this state, if you are in the calm and quiet, you may vision things or just colors. 

Happy meditation to You, my friend…

in love and gratitude,


The Wise Old Woman and the Jewel

One day, there was an old woman who lived in the mountains. She was very wise.  Sitting by the river, she was  gazing into the river.  She noticed a precious stone; it was a huge precious stone.  Then, she reached into the river and readily took it out from the stream. As she looked at the precious stone, she knew that this was the solution and the answer to all her problems and struggles for the rest of her life; then she put it very carefully into her bag.  A few moments passed, as she was contemplating her serene future,  and how she would use the gem.  At that moment, a tired traveler stopped and asked her: “I am hungry . do you have anything to eat?”  The kindhearted woman opened her little bag, and reached out for her piece of bread, and she gave it to the man . At that moment, he noticed her gem and asked her, ” Can I see that stone?” She gave the stone to the man. Then , he said: “What a beautiful stone! Tell me, could I have it? ” She answered, “Sure, you can take it.”  Then the man took the gem and disappeared. The following day, the traveler came back to the woman, and said, “Woman, here is your precious stone. I want you to have it. It belongs to you. Instead of having it, I would like to ask you something that is even more precious than the gem. I ‘d want you to give me what is it inside your heart that made you give me the precious gem.” Retold by Emrick, from a Wayne Dyer lecture.

This story is the image of what one may have to give to the world. One may not give you money, but may  give you how to get your dreams come true.  If you are looking for success, keep posted, there is more to come!

Your Life is now!  Live in the Now!

Steps in Healing by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Here are the steps for Healing yourself. 

First Step:  Do not be afraid of the noticeable, visible condition — at this very moment. Just trust your power. 

Second Step: Realize that your condition is only the result of Past thinking, that has no power on continuing the existence of the disease. 

Third Step: Is to praise, pay tribute to the miracle of the Healing power of God-Source-Universe. Doing this stop immediatly the production of all spiritual and mental poison and/or toxics in your body or in the body of the person you are assisting. 

Live in the realization of your wish, your desire, longing or aspiration, and soon your thought and emotion are going to take place. Do not let yourself influenced by any [negative] opinion of others and or your own basic fear, but experience with your feelings the belief that God-Source-Universe is in the process and act [at this very moment as you are reading] in your mind and body. 

This is what Dr. Joseph Murphy asserts as a process to heal. Hayhouse publishing has published several of his books. Dr. Murphy said, ” The healing presence of God is within you. This miraculous power is in your subconscious mind , if scientifically directed, can heal your mind, body, and [affairs of] all diseases and impediments.”

On a personal note, add laughing, being grateful, playing games, volunteering, anything that makes you feel great, will accelerate your healing. 

This is the power of Your mind!

Health and Peace to You!

Your Life is Now: Your Divinity

Your Life is Now. Your Divinity is Here, with You, right Now.

“Miracles are everywhere around you; All you need to do is to be aware of it, and soon they will naturally reveal themselves to you.  Stop running breathless and relentlessly think about what’s next.  Just slow down and walk; soon you will see all what you’ve been missing while you were running. The Magic in your life: the birds singing their melody, the stream gurgling its peaceful whisper, the flowers blooming in majesty, the butterflies showing their colorful and magical wings, fluttering in a beautiful dance to the Divine Creator residing in your heart.” Emrick Garam

(excerpt from book #3)

Blessings of Abundance adn Happiness to You!

exerpt from book #3

The Power of Giving

Here is a short talk about the power of giving.

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Ask, believe, receive!

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Positive Thinking List – Set of 12

I found this wonderful set of positive thinking list. This is in a form of a list of positive guidance. Here is a Creed, a Promise to yourself to change your mind for the best.  Enjoy!



by Christian D. Larson

(from Your Force and How to Use Them by C. D. Larson, 1912)

I Promise Myself to

Be so strong that nothing can disturb my Peace of Mind,

Talk health, happiness, prosperity to every person I meet,

Make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them,

Look at the funny side of everything and make my optimism come true,

Think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best,

Be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am of my own,

Forget the mistakes of the past, and press on to the greater achievements of the future,

Wear a cheerful expression at all times, and give a smile to every living creature I meet,

Give so much time to improving myself, that I have no time to criticize others,

Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble,

Think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds,

Live in the faith that the whole world in on my side, so long that I am true to the best that is in me.


eCover_BEST YOUR LIFE Simple StepsRemember to read these as often as possible. Write these down, read them aloud if you can, read them in the morning, in the evening, and when waiting in line. Carry this Positive Thinking List with you everywhere.

The Process

Through repetition, the conscious mind passes it to your subconscious mind, which in turn becomes the basis to create your reality. We see the world as we are, and we create our reality as we think. This is a very important fact , that you need to remind yourself often. Your thought patterns need to be focused on a positive direction, so your life will turn to a more positive life. Enjoy!

Peace, Happiness to You!

Youth Yoga Exercise

Good day! Here is a short yoga exercise for Youthfulness. First, sit comfortably and quietly (in a quiet room, no phone, no fax, no interruptions). Next, point both index fingers forward. Then, place your right index over your left index; NB: your right index and hand are now facing down, and the other index and hand facing up. Next, bring both hands to your diaphragm level. Then slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through yes, your mouth! Direct your breath out, towards your index fingers tips. Breath slowly in this posture for about 3 minutes. Finally, feel your positive energy circulate.
Peace, Love, Happiness to You!