Another Tip to Boost Law of Attraction

Another tip to boost the Law of Attraction.  Validation. It is something we often neglect to do.  This is an example of what validation can do and how You really can turn situations around. 

This video shows more than one way to change things around; praise, care, altruism, trust, and Love.  

Maybe You don’t see what validation do at the moment. Just make it another habit to practice, but be genuine! Feel your praises, and be authentic, then you will see real miracles unfolding and better things coming to You. Better things being attracted to You! 

Enjoy the video! 


Attract faster anything You want in your life 

 I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 


Living Fully, Living Successfully: Your Life is Now!

I want to remind you that it is true: Living “one moment at a time” is really successful living.  I have tried many approaches to live my life more fully, and I have to assert this: Live your life one moment at a time is something you must train yourself to do.  What do I mean? Detach yourself from your “dear ” future, your goals, your projects.  Live fully each passing moment with all your senses, and emotions, or feelings.  

About your future, your goals, your projects…

They will be taken care of, in perfect time. I guarantee this to you. Your Higher Self/Universe/Source or God is working on it, since the first time or moment you have expressed interest in it. Stop re-sassing or repeating what you want. This is not going to to make it faster, but maybe slow it down!
You have to realize (or be in the awareness of ) that you are in a constant changing state, with each passing moment giving you an opportunity to grow, or “expand”, in your awareness. The more you “pay attention” to the present moment, the more you feel and live fully the moment, or in the moment.

It is interesting to note that you will experience, being in that state, extremely blissful moments. Let me give you examples of some of my blissful moments. First, I have to tell you that I am very much into wild life appreciation.
I like to observe and appreciate animals of all kinds in each moment.
Yesterday, I was thinking “Oh, no rabbits on the trail… oh well!” and then a school of approx. 20 doves landed about 20 yards away from me. (I call this a blessing of doves.)
Today, a child held a small bunny in his hands, and let me hold it for a few moments. (I let my heart felt appreciation flow in my heart for this). This was Expanded Self/True Self/God/Source Universe answering my usually seeing rabbits on my walk.
Last week, I was hoping to see a deer walking by the road… A moment later, I saw two young deer, stopped and lo and behold, they were caught into a fence! I had to go and free one of them, felt her soft hair and her heart racing , as I was holding her to free her from her being stuck. I call this another blessing. I appreciated this moment of bliss.
About a month ago, I was saying that I didn’t see many hawks anymore. about 5 minutes later, a magnificent hawk landed in the tree in front of me, stayed for a good 5 to 8 minutes looking around, perched on another branch as to pause for having a good look on him, and then swooped very close to the ground, so we could admire his wonderful feathers. I appreciated this bliss.
These are just a few examples and proofs that The Expanded Self/God/Source/Universe is always there to answer to your wishes. I call these little miracles.
Many time people let these pass them by, and focusing on how stressed they may be. We are not here to suffer, but to enjoy life, to play in our life, and this is something you must be aware of. The more you let go of your pain, worries, and stress, the more you live fully, moment by moment, and successfully. Let go of your burden, live one step at a time, one moment at a time and your life will change to a series of miracles.
Believe me, this is something we have to live to realize, but give it a try.
Your life is now: Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not next year, not in 5, 10 years. Now.
Life is right now; enjoy it, feel the miracle of the moment unfolding, with expectation that your life is absolutely wonderful, miraculous, and a bliss of moments. And don’t forget to fully appreciate (or be grateful for) the moment of joy, give thanks, and continue your day by day path of miracles.

Your Life is Now!      Don’t miss it out!
Blessings to You!      Bliss to You!


Don’t Throw A Life Away

 ‘You don’t throw a whole life away because its banged up a little…’ from the movie Seabiscuit, one of my favorite.  This quote tells you how it is so easy to give up on someone else… but it is so important to give that someone else a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. So , when you feel like giving up on somebody, remember this sentence, and then think. You will see that thisis Wisdom. Too many give up so easily on others, and then wonder where their life has gone. It is important to support one another… and it gives so much pleasure to see how it ends! So,  ‘You don’t throw a whole life away…because its banged up a little!

Blessings of Abundance and Joy to You!


Your Life is Now: Your Divinity

Your Life is Now. Your Divinity is Here, with You, right Now.

“Miracles are everywhere around you; All you need to do is to be aware of it, and soon they will naturally reveal themselves to you.  Stop running breathless and relentlessly think about what’s next.  Just slow down and walk; soon you will see all what you’ve been missing while you were running. The Magic in your life: the birds singing their melody, the stream gurgling its peaceful whisper, the flowers blooming in majesty, the butterflies showing their colorful and magical wings, fluttering in a beautiful dance to the Divine Creator residing in your heart.” Emrick Garam

(excerpt from book #3)

Blessings of Abundance adn Happiness to You!

exerpt from book #3

A Story of Wisdom

Once day, there was an old woman who lived in the mountains. She was very wise.  Sitting by the river, she was  gazing into the river.  She noticed a precious stone; it was a huge precious stone.  Then, she reached into the river and readily took it out from the stream. As she looked at the precious stone, she knew that this was the solution and the answer to all her problems and struggles for the rest of her life; then she put it very carefully into her bag.  A few moments passed, as she was contemplating her serene future,  and how she would use the gem.  At that moment, a tired traveler stopped and asked her: “I am hungry . do you have anything to eat?”  The kindhearted woman opened her little bag, and reached out for her piece of bread, and she gave it to the man . At that moment, he noticed her gem and asked her, ” Can I see that stone?” She gave the stone to the man. Then , he said: “What a beautiful stone! Tell me, could I have it? ” She answered, “Sure, you can take it.”  Then the man took the gem and disappeared. The following day, the traveler came back to the woman, and said, “Woman, here is your precious stone. I want you to have it. It belongs to you. Instead of having it, I would like to ask you something that is even more precious than the gem. I ‘d want you to give me what is it inside your heart that made you give me the precious gem.” Retold by Emrick, from a Wayne Dyer lecture.

This story is the image of what one may have to give to the world. One may not give you money, but may  give you how to get your dreams come true.  If you are looking for success, keep posted, there is more to come!

Your Life is now!  Live in the Now!