How to Get More in Life

This short article discusses how to get more in life. Be thankful. This is a very important habit, based on a concept. The concept which is a fact , is that when you are grateful, you open your mind for receiving more. And when your mind is open, that means that you are ready to receive. You are in a state of reception.

Always be grateful. As Wayne Dyer, speaker,  says,  every time he finds a penny , he thanks God-Source for being richer! Yes, even a very small amount of money you find is a proof that God-Source is giving you a little amount of money. This bit of fortune usually anounces good surprises to come very soon.

Try to start your day with a thank you prayer. Live your day with a thankful and aware mind, thank again God-Source for all the good things that you experienced during your day.

If you practice these habits, regularly, you know now how to get more in life.