Steps in Healing by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Here are the steps for Healing yourself. 

First Step:  Do not be afraid of the noticeable, visible condition — at this very moment. Just trust your power. 

Second Step: Realize that your condition is only the result of Past thinking, that has no power on continuing the existence of the disease. 

Third Step: Is to praise, pay tribute to the miracle of the Healing power of God-Source-Universe. Doing this stop immediatly the production of all spiritual and mental poison and/or toxics in your body or in the body of the person you are assisting. 

Live in the realization of your wish, your desire, longing or aspiration, and soon your thought and emotion are going to take place. Do not let yourself influenced by any [negative] opinion of others and or your own basic fear, but experience with your feelings the belief that God-Source-Universe is in the process and act [at this very moment as you are reading] in your mind and body. 

This is what Dr. Joseph Murphy asserts as a process to heal. Hayhouse publishing has published several of his books. Dr. Murphy said, ” The healing presence of God is within you. This miraculous power is in your subconscious mind , if scientifically directed, can heal your mind, body, and [affairs of] all diseases and impediments.”

On a personal note, add laughing, being grateful, playing games, volunteering, anything that makes you feel great, will accelerate your healing. 

This is the power of Your mind!

Health and Peace to You!