About Happiness

Each time I see a smile, I am grateful. Each time I hear a laugh or a bird song, I am grateful. I am aware that these simple things are miracles, and keep them inside. Then I radiate, or project my gratitude in good words and smiles to the ones who can’t see them. And the miracle of awareness enlighten their minds… They become happier, and my mission is in the doing… That is a purpose in life. Make others happy…

beach photo(net)Something interesting happens in making others happy.  Doing this elevates your inner energy, makes you happier, makes you more immune to illnesses, and attract more happy experiences in your life. You start noticing and experiencing more and more  good things in life, and it gives you a tremendous high energy and alignment with anything you do.

Making others happy makes you happier.

Try it! You will see! You will love it!

Peace, Love, Happiness to You!

How to Get More in Life

This short article discusses how to get more in life. Be thankful. This is a very important habit, based on a concept. The concept which is a fact , is that when you are grateful, you open your mind for receiving more. And when your mind is open, that means that you are ready to receive. You are in a state of reception.

Always be grateful. As Wayne Dyer, speaker,  says,  every time he finds a penny , he thanks God-Source for being richer! Yes, even a very small amount of money you find is a proof that God-Source is giving you a little amount of money. This bit of fortune usually anounces good surprises to come very soon.

Try to start your day with a thank you prayer. Live your day with a thankful and aware mind, thank again God-Source for all the good things that you experienced during your day.

If you practice these habits, regularly, you know now how to get more in life.