Your Success is in You. So You Want to Get Published…

So You Want to Get Published… Nothing wrong with that! You feel you have something valuable to share with the world, you carry an important message.  If you want to convey your message by mean of a book, you need to believe in your work.

You need to believe in yourself!

Barbara Kingsolver, Best-seller author of The Poisonwood Bible, said, “This manuscript of yours that has just come back from another editor is a precious package. Don’t consider it rejected. Consider that you’ve addressed it “to the editor who can appreciate my work” and it has simply come back stamped “not at this address.” Just keep looking for the right address.”

You have to handle rejections.

One of the best sellers, Chicken Soup for the Soul, has a story behind it.    Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield had a great idea: collecting writings form people who have lived a great experience. THey went to New York with an agent, and met with major publishers. They answered, “Collections of short stories don’t sell ; this title will never work.” Even their agent, after being rejected 30 times, told them, “Sorry. I cannot sell it for you.” Did they give up? No!        They finally arrived to a struggling publisher. He read the manuscript, and… agreed to publish it! after over 130 rejections, their first book sold 8 million copies, went on to a series of 80 books, and were translated in 39 languages!

So… did they give up? No! 

Your success is in You.  Believe! Do Not give up! Persist, persevere, go on, continue, follow your gut feelings!

Success, Abundance, and Happiness to You!


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Your Life is Now: Your Divinity

Your Life is Now. Your Divinity is Here, with You, right Now.

“Miracles are everywhere around you; All you need to do is to be aware of it, and soon they will naturally reveal themselves to you.  Stop running breathless and relentlessly think about what’s next.  Just slow down and walk; soon you will see all what you’ve been missing while you were running. The Magic in your life: the birds singing their melody, the stream gurgling its peaceful whisper, the flowers blooming in majesty, the butterflies showing their colorful and magical wings, fluttering in a beautiful dance to the Divine Creator residing in your heart.” Emrick Garam

(excerpt from book #3)

Blessings of Abundance adn Happiness to You!

exerpt from book #3

Esther Abraham Hicks-and the Law of Attraction

This is the views of Esther Abraham-Hicks, best seller author and reknown as a master of the Law of Attraction, aka, the Art of Deliberate Creation, the Power of Mind Expanding, Power of the Creative Mind.


Clearing Method aka Releasing Method to Attract Efficiently

Here is an efficient clearing method suggested by Hale Dwoskin in his Method, called Sedona. When you go about with your affirmations, and if any limiting belief intrudes in , as if haunting your mind, your first reaction naturally to tend to ignore, cancel out, repress , or even resist these limiting thoughts or emotions. Alas, this keep them coming in your mind!  Instead, Let your mind experience the feeling , and after that release that.

Most people say that to close their eyes help them to be more concentrated on  their feelings or emotion.       Here is the process that you can take, when you have a negative or limiting money related thought coming up to your mind.

Question 1: “What is my feeling, at this moment?”

Concentrate on what emotion you feel as you sense a limiting negative thought  comes up to you.

Question 2: “Can I Welcome it?”

Simply welcome the negative or limiting feeling or emotion.

Question 3:  “Could I let it go?”

Here, you choose an answer: yes or no.

Question 4: “Would I let it go?”

Ask this to yourself. Are you prepared,to let this feeling go?

Question 5: “When?”

You can answer this question with: Now!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Then simply repeat this process as much as you need, until you are free of your limiting or negative emotion, sticking to your affirmation. Through your feelings, you will know when you are done and feel free!

Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy to You!

Clearing Your Mind to Create Your Life Faster

You need to clear your mind to create your life faster.

The 1-2-3  Steps in Creation: Awareness

In order to have a mind that is set to maximum creative power,
you will need to use something called clearing. Clearing can be
done through different approaches.
It can be done with silent meditation, silent contemplation, or
music listening.

But first, why do we want to be clear ?

When you are clear, you are in a state of awareness. You think
clearly. You are calm, controlled and in a state of happy
serenity. Stress has been completely cancelled out and gone.
You see the world as a friendly world. You see people as
friends. You feel positive and full of energy.

For example, when you are cleared (through mind clearing),
nothing really bothers you. If someone is rude to you, you
don’t take it personally. You see things differently. You will
tend to say: Poor man, or poor woman, instead of being in a state
of anger or frustration or fear.

TIP ACTION: Take 10-20 minutes a day (sunrise or sunset) and
isolate yourself. Meditate , which is really not to think of
anything but an object in front of you , or if eyes closed, your
breathing. I suggest you try to count silently as you breathe
(6-3-6-3= 6 sec inhale-3sec pause- 6 sec exhale-3 sec pause)
there is another cycle: 7-1-7-1 (7 sec breathing action and 1 sec
pause) or you can create another cycle. Do this for 2 to 3
minutes for the first times, and then as long as you want.

Peace blondeladyACTION: When you go out in the world, try to be receptive to
others. Feel compassion for this street man, for that injured
person, and send them a good thought, or tell them a nice word.
The power of the word is largely underrated. A word can start and
end a war.  Let ‘s try to focus on positive words.

With This type of attitude, you will perceive the world as a
good place.  If someone speaks negatively, You can chose; or you
can listen quietly, or find an excuse and go to be alone and
“find yourself” example, go to the restroom.
Try to avoid telling criticism, since it is a negative action,
but say positive words.
The importance here is to use positive thinking.

Remember, clear your mind to create your life faster.

Peace, Abundance, and Happiness to You!

a Gift: Short meditation

I like this short meditation. If you don’t have the 15 to 30 minute, this meditation will guide you, and clear your mind. Before you create, work on your projects, and make any step in your life, meditation is strongly recommended.


Be thankful. Be happy!

Happiness is not a goal. It is a way of living your life.