Invite: Calling You, Struggling Female Biz Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches

Man with magnet (2015_01_29 18_47_26 UTC)MAGNETIZE YOUR BUSINESS:

“A business that is not known is a dead business.” If You are a business owner, you are into serving your clients. 

  • You need to connect , to advertise, and the best way to advertise is the word of mouth.
  • To help small business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed,  I am trying to bring them together into a meeting around Pasadena (probably in a local restaurant for lunch –not paid OK? –).  If you feel you’d be interested or a friend of yours, just pass down this invitation.
  • This is a great opportunity for you to network. My work is partly based on Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, Jesse and Sharla’s Sell is not a 4 Letter Word, and Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage.

NETworking 3You will learn:

  • HOW to deeply connect with potential clients,
  • HOW to promote your service in a more efficient way,
  • HOW to make your business more attractive to clients, so they can get you referrals,
  • and more.

There is a moment to act, and this moment is now. if you’ve been stuck in your business, this is for you. 

Don’t second guess, don’t hesitate, if your heart tells you to come.     “You know you can’t throw a whole life away because he’s banged up a little.” Tom Smith, Seabiscuit

Confirm First BEFORE coming!   WHEN and WHERE: Monday May 18, at noon, at Carrows, 815 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena. To be confirmed.    NOTE: It could be in another restaurant or place in the area.

Do NOT stay in the dark! If you want to change your struggling business into a thriving one, please leave a comment under.

Confirmation:     ==> email to : with the following subject: “Yes, I want to Magnetize my Biz!”

See you there! 



Possibilities and You (and a man on the moon)

man on the moonPOSSIBILITIES
July 20, 1969, with rudimentary computers and machinery, a team who had worked and put together their mind landed the first man on the moon. So how did a team of engineers put sent 3 men to the moon, and 2 of them walk on its surface?
This is the result of determination, inspired work, and vision, but also belief. They believed they could do it, President JFKennedy believed in them. trusted them. gave them “carte blanche” that they could and would do this. There is also the element of “we can do it” at play. This was a huge task and they pulled it. it is said that there was a huge photo of the moon on the walls of the room where the team was working on the project.
==> So to recap: determination, inspired work, vision, and belief will guide you to success. Now let me ask you a question: what if they said, “we can’t do that! we don’t have the technology yet, it is too soon! we’re too young, too old , not experienced, too risky, too … not enough….” do you recognize these words?
Now , to put things in perspective: Think of it for a minute: Most televisions had no remote control but turning knobs, the computer technology was still in its baby steps stage, a telephone by then weighed 2 lbs 13 oz! there was not SUV but only station-wagon cars, most cutomers were paying with checks, the price of a house was $27,900, the price of a stamp was 6 cts, the median household income was $8,300, the gallon of reg gas was 35cts, a dozen of eggs was 62 cts, a movie ticket was $1.42, and a cup of coffee or a coke was 10 cts! the internet was born august 1991 (12 years later), a payphone call cost 10 cts!

Face the Economic Crisis and Heal your Economic Crisis

How to face and heal your economic crisis? The following is a suggestion that may and will work, if many apply these principles. It will work with any monetary system, not only the dollar. 


I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster in your life.

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Peace, and Abundance to You!

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Thank You!

Don’t Throw A Life Away

 ‘You don’t throw a whole life away because its banged up a little…’ from the movie Seabiscuit, one of my favorite.  This quote tells you how it is so easy to give up on someone else… but it is so important to give that someone else a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. So , when you feel like giving up on somebody, remember this sentence, and then think. You will see that thisis Wisdom. Too many give up so easily on others, and then wonder where their life has gone. It is important to support one another… and it gives so much pleasure to see how it ends! So,  ‘You don’t throw a whole life away…because its banged up a little!

Blessings of Abundance and Joy to You!


Inspiration or Perspiration? You Choose!

Inspiration or perspiration in your work? Which one do you choose? One is with God-Source, in a strong team,the easy but efficient way, while the other is the hard way, the lonely way, the sweaty long journey. Well , at the end, you choose!


How to Change your Life

There are ways to change your life. Here is suggested readings. I show you how to change your life in book reading…


Right off my head, I will suggest you to read the following books and or authors:

David R. Hawkins : Power Vs Force

Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer:Excuses Begone

Wayne Dyer:Living Beyond Miracles

Wayne Dyer:Change Your Thoughts

Deepak Chopra… fore more how to Change Your Life click Here.

Create Your Life: Abandon Complaining

To create your life positively, abandon complaining. These following positive attitude tip will help you redefining your life and attitude toward life in general .
This morning, I heard this kind of a conversation. A negative driven conversation. That person was talking about gas prices, layoffs, and so on. This person was non-stop complaining about anything and everything. This person defeated himself. It was not the economy! It  didn’t defeat him, his boss didn’t defeat him, he defeated himself. That, is the power of your mental attitude. It can cause you to win, to triumph, or to defeat yourself. This is very important. It’s so easy to look around and find somebody complaining about something. It’s so easy to join in. Remember: Misery loves company. Don’t go into that world! You are better than that!
Oh no! Don’t do it! Don’t do that to yourself!  You were not born to complain. You were born to soar, to win. We make our own economy with our mind. Work on yourself. Become valuable to others. Be useful to others.
Now, become attractive to others. Become a problem solver to others. Please ,  don’t pass on a complaining, victim driven attitude to your kids. Pass on the spirit of a winner. Take a step today. Just take one. Today!
Come on! Move upward! Move forward ! Start speaking triumph in your life. Say: ” I am valuable. People are drawn to me. I am unique and talented. I like people and people like me.”
Change you behavior. Go the extra mile for others. Watch what happens. Get clear on what you want. If you’re at a job right now which you don’t like and want to leave it. Go on and find out how much money you need to make regularly every month to leave that job position and make that your goal. And then, meet your goal.
Please! Don’t make $1 Million your goal! That is not really a goal! Make it your goal for your personal business to pay your monthly bills. Get started right now! Don’t join that ‘complaining party’!  That party will always be there. You’re above that! You are the winner!
Remind yourself that the world is waiting for you! It wants to experience your talents, and abilities. Are you willing you let them enjoy your gifts? Are you? Right now?

Happiness and Abundance to You!

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Tips to Achieve Great Deeds

I hear this almost everyday: I can’t , I don’t know how, It’s too difficult.
Do not be afraid! There are two emotions from which all emotions stem from:
Love and … Fear (aka primal emotions, from which all emotions stem from). Yes , Fear! Just analyze: If you are afraid you will get negative, moody, sad, rebelious, and even some get aggressive, avaricious, shy, clumsy, lying, hiding, cheating, sneaky, jealous, etc.
But , if you are in the Love mode, you will get attractive, happy, confident, energetic, positive, and so on.
So, How do You get into that feeling of Love?
First get in the habit of being grateful. Thank God-Source-Universe for what you already have, are, and do. Thank the Highest Spirit, your creator, with genuine feeling of recognition. Look around you and feel how rich you are!
Second, connect with people. Say a nice word, smile to them, be generous with the poor street people, smile to cashiers and pay them a nice compliment (even they look grumpy, a nice word can change their attitude), give to charities, practice random act or kindness (RAK), and so on. Learn how to forgive and move on! Teh grudges realy hold us down for good energy to come to us!
Third, meditate or simply contemplate. Look at people around you. They run to everywhere they go! Slow down! Walk from time ot time. Admire the trees, the flowers, listen to the birds, children laughing, be AWARE of the good things in teh world, in your environment !
Fourth, if you watch these reality shows with people fighting even people’s court, and the news, stop it! these show fill your heart with negative feelings, with fear, anger, revenge, and so on. All these are poison to your hear and to your confidence!
Dare! tell yourself that you are worth it, you can achieve anything you put your mind into! Visualize yourself right now! having, being or doing what your dream or goal is. Feel how it feels that you are already experiencing your dream! know that you know that is real! say it aloud! “Yes, I feel it! Yes! I have it! Yes, I am doing it! ”
REMEMBER: You are not alone! You are never alone! God-Source-Universe is here to help us live teh life of our dreams! so dare to be happy ! dare to live with passion! dare to live your dreams!
To accomplish great things, notice even the slightest improvement in your projects, whatever big they may be.
Live Happy! You will achieve!