Leadership Motivational Speaker

SALES PERSISTENCE: Hear this: When I was selling door to door,

 chased by security throughout the office building,

and was losing them through changing stairs and elevators

and increased my quota! 

LEADERSHIP: How to Boost Your Business With Positivity and Get More Results!


Other Topics:

Leadership: How to motivate your Team and Double your Sales!

Meeting Planners,

Give me The Results You Want for your audience,

and I’ll design a Presentation, or a Training. 

(allow 3 weeks for the presentation preparation)


Leading with the Heart!

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Leadership: How To Create a Positive Environment for Maximum Results, How to Motivate your team and Eliminate Fears, Doubts, & Worries

That May Be Sabotaging Your Business Success or Slowing Down Progress


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Business Owners, Leaders, Double Your Business!

1. For Business Owners who Want More Results

==> Discover How To Double Your Sales & Profits

Simply By applying simple techniques, and strategies…

==> Humanize your Business
Learn to master communication and the power of positivity by doing this…

2. Leadership: For Leaders, Managers, CEO’s

==> How to MOTIVATE YOUR TEAM: inject positivity and humanity in your business

so your employees feel more motivated and produce more results,

so your business will roll smoothly, and effortlessly, with this…

==> Learn the 3 major Mistakes that business owners and leaders do

that slow down their business to a mere trickle, doing this…

illustrated with:

  • Stories,
  • Anecdotes,
  • Activities,
  • Examples,
  • Motivating Words


Leading with the heart! 


Also available:

Leadership: Training

Connect Effectively with Your Team, Renew, and Grow Your Business

3 Major Mistakes that keep your company suffering

The Power of Positivity Presentation/ Training

  • Keep a positive ambiance in your Business that keep your clients coming back for more!
  • After scientific research and results! (Harvard Positive Psychology studies based!) 
  • Master this program and watch your company grow and expand 
  • Audience Participation, activities (not a boring lecture that get the listeners to sleep mode zzz)


Business Owners Leadership Training 

3 Major Mistakes that Keep Business Owners stuck at an Income Level

 Revolutionary Approach that made a RE agent land a $ 10.25 Million Deal !

“Business is all about Connecting and being more human.”


Leadership Training

Connect, Renew, and “Magnetize your Business” © Group Training Program

Option 1:      1-3 hours Training programs

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Option 2 :      3-6 hours Training Programs

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Option 3 :       2-3  days-Training Programs

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GROUP TRAINING Leadership Programs

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1 hr Keynote Presentation: $5,000

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Book your date: 50% fee upfront, 2 weeks before: 50% remainder of fee

plus Plane Ticket and Hotel (not included in fee)

 Thank You !

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