The Power of Meditation and Tips to Meditate

In order to master the Law of Attraction, I think that meditation is crucial. Every morning I spend 35 to 40 min in meditation. (to grow my Love and Light to “shine out”) It is like also cleaning the mind from the garbage. and opens space to get more from life.
Today, I want to share what I know about meditation.
First, you can find a number of meditation techniques on youtube
Meditation can be done in 4 main ways; guided, silent, or mantra , and contemplation. Meditation is usually done with closed eyes or as in ht e zen meditation, gazing the floor, 3 ft in front to of you.
GUIDED: you have many on . the master just tells you what you canvisualize and feel. it is a passive mode. Or the master can chant a word or a stream of words.
SILENT/BREATHING: you just focus on your breathing, and try to keep your mind as quiet as possible. This is quite a high level of meditation, and you have to watch not to fall asleep. there is the free breathing technique or the controlled breathing technique, where you count second inhale and seconds to exhale; for example 7-3-7-3 starting with inhale.
NOTE: SILENT MEDITATION can be also done with a soft, mellow music in a low volume.
MANTRA Meditation: it is the same as above but repeating a word or a string of words. examples: Ohm or Ahh, OR “ohm-shreem-maha-kashmihe-naamaha,” etc..
in the Transcendental Meditation, you have a mantra to repeat during the entire day too, every 15 seconds!
CONTEMPLATION: INSIDE: you can lit a candle and focus on it, or take a picture and focus on it, or OUTSIDE: just go to your backyard and observe nature, focusing on its simple beauty, or to the park and do the same.
LENGTH: it varies. for me, i need 35 min minimum. if you are novie, start with 5 -10 min. and add time as you go.
FREQUENCY: Daily is the best ; first thing in the morning is very beneficial you can also do it in then evening.
POSITION: there are a variety of positions but the main ones are:
CHAIR: sitting on a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands facing up of down. (you may add gestures to enhance your meditation. I do…)
NO CHAIR: sitting on a cushion, Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set.
Well that’s about all I know about meditation practices. Again, I recommend meditation to activate your Law of Attraction. It will center your mind, clean out the garbage we ingest everyday through gossips, TV news (the bad ones, about 95%), information overload, etc. and have a clear mind ready to work on your projects or goals.

But dont’ take my word for it! Try it for yourself! Experiment! 

Here is a meditation I like to practice:


Meditation Tip

Meditation is a great energy booster.

It can be done in different ways, but keep in mind that you look for a way of passive state, to be a cup waiting to be filled, and not trying to do anything during meditation.

If you are new to it, just listen to a piece of quiet music , and lit a candle; look at the flame with passive attention. If you are lucky and have a garden, meditate in passive contemplation; look at the activity, admire the flowers and colors, and feel the pleasant breeze on your face.

Also, you can meditate in the awareness of all your surrounding, focusing on your breath. Do not try to modify your breath. But try to observe your breathing. When you close you eyes in this state, if you are in the calm and quiet, you may vision things or just colors. 

Happy meditation to You, my friend…

in love and gratitude,


Empower Your Mind with Daily Meditation

Empower YourSelf with Daily Meditation…      One of the most interesting and rewarding path to empower your self is by way of Meditation. What is Meditation? It is the skill of watching your thoughts without getting stopped by the stories your ego creates.

As you keep on to ….

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I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 

Simple Short Meditation

There is so much to see in the simplicity of a candle.
It is full of love and resonates deeply in our souls. I feel also peace and growing hope in this simple, gentle lights.

Find the Peace between your thoughts and you will find God-Source, the link between your soul and the creator.

More on this meditation on or Click on the candle.



Blessings of Peace to You.

Happiness and Abundance!

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Gratitude Breathing

Jack Canfield,  a recognized author and success coach, suggest the following exercise, a kind of love meditation.

Whenever we feel out of phase, it is when our heart beat and our brain waves are not in alignment with each other. Here is a practice to be in a state of alignment. Also by doing this you get in a state of appreciation.

See in your mind’s eye that you are breathing in through your heart, instead of your lungs.

Close your eyes and focus on your heart. Then imagine that there is an opening in your chest where you can inhale through,  in place of your nose or your mouth.

Next imagine that you are filling up, like being charged, with Love and gratitude.  Each time you exhale your heart stays the same, but every time you inhale, your heart grows a little larger.

Next, focus on a person or some thing that you really love and appreciate. It can be your spouse, your mate, your son or daughter, your dog or cat, your car, a piece of art, your choice.

Practice for 3 to 4 minutes, you will be in an wonderful overjoyed state. Then,  while in that state ask  “What is the solution to this problem?”  Say that you are having difficulty with a person at home or at your work place, or you are not manifesting a goal you have in your heart.  Next, you may say, “What do I need to know, how can I be more effective to achieve this goal?”

The result is: You will get better answers from your heart than you would get from your head.   You have been taught how to think logically with your brain. But when you find yourself in a state of gratitude, of appreciation,  you will access deeper wisdom.

Law of Attraction: Alignment Meditation

Here is a nice alignment Meditation.  Remember to meditate everyday, do you keep your energy level high. Go to a quiet place, and devote 15 to 30 minute to meditation.

Enjoy !

Peace, Happiness, Abundance to You!

a Gift: Short meditation

I like this short meditation. If you don’t have the 15 to 30 minute, this meditation will guide you, and clear your mind. Before you create, work on your projects, and make any step in your life, meditation is strongly recommended.


Be thankful. Be happy!

Happiness is not a goal. It is a way of living your life.