“I focus my mind on their benefits and not on my features.”

Open up to your audience. “I focus my mind on their benefits and not on my features.”
“like the lotus flower, my heart opens up to the world and release.”
“Everyday, I ask myself: How can I help? How can I grow? How can I serve?”

In Love and Gratitude,


How to Live a Rich Life

How to live a rich life?  Here’s some suggestions:

Follow your intuition, talk to people with true interest,

open yourself to the world, share your talent, your skills,

do what you love, be passionate, be loving, be generous,

love without waiting for return, give without waiting for return

Be grateful fro what you already have, live in the “here and now.”

don’t think too much about the past, unless it is empowering you,

Do Not regret, you’d get bitter.

Do Not complain, you get more to complain about.

About your job or your business: do not think about money as a goal,

but as a logical follow up to your service; in other words,  Serve, help,

and detach your thought about when are You going to get paid.

Be genuine: Avoid hiding things from your prospect or client.

Connect with true meaning; clients should like you, trust you, and know you.

Be friendly, and ignore the rudeness of some , and allow yourself to be above all that.



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In Love and Gratitude, Emrick

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

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I offer my services as a Public Speaker


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Happiness and Health

Lester Levenson, noted speaker and author, said that the only method to receiving Love is to give Love, because what we give comes back. Then, he noted that the more is was loving others, the happiest he became.

He noticed also that each time he wanted something so bad, he became miserable; and each time he was giving and loving, he was the healthiest.

At 42, He healed himself when he was condemned to live only 2 weeks more by his doctors.

Then he started to love, to give Love with no expectation of any return, to give away also freely, and he realized that to try to change others made him feel ill and miserable.

He finally realized that God is in us all, that we are infinite being without limitations. He totally cured himself and live to be 84 years old ; he exactly doubled his life by following these simple ideas!

in Love and Gratitude,


What To Do When Things Go Wrong?

Why things appear to go wrong? Lately , maybe in your life, things appears to go wrong… What do you do?

Have you heard about the term: “chemical-ization?” It is a series of  un-welcomed changes around You, in your environment. When You are about to take a major quantum leap, it feels and looks like everything goes wrong.

SO , what do to when things go wrong in Your life? What is my approach? First, I trust in the Universe, then I repeat,

“I let it go; I surrender to You, the Universe; I trust You, the Universe; this is nothing; this is not important. These things will pass.  This is only another step for growth in my life. I Let Go, and I let You, God-Source-Universe do Your work.”

In love and gratitude, 

I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.


Attract faster anything You want in your life,

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 

In Love and Gratitude,


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Meditation Tip

Meditation is a great energy booster.

It can be done in different ways, but keep in mind that you look for a way of passive state, to be a cup waiting to be filled, and not trying to do anything during meditation.

If you are new to it, just listen to a piece of quiet music , and lit a candle; look at the flame with passive attention. If you are lucky and have a garden, meditate in passive contemplation; look at the activity, admire the flowers and colors, and feel the pleasant breeze on your face.

Also, you can meditate in the awareness of all your surrounding, focusing on your breath. Do not try to modify your breath. But try to observe your breathing. When you close you eyes in this state, if you are in the calm and quiet, you may vision things or just colors. 

Happy meditation to You, my friend…

in love and gratitude,