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​Motivating your team
Improving your leadership with positive approaches
Connecting with your team effectively
Additional Topics on demand. Educational Material provided on demand.

Emrick doesn’t need any special treatment or soft music in his dressing room.
The only thing he needs is an audience, and maybe a dry erase board.
Emrick also likes to hang around before and after the presentation to connect with the audience at the event. He is there for them!

Emrick likes to demonstrate and have the audience practice their new learned skills through activities.
This is different from a regular presentation ie, telling them, or only "raise your hand if" kind of engagement audience usually expect …
This is a full fun experience that your audience will talk about long after it's finished


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"Emrick is a great speaker; I saw his presentation and his positive energy is contagious, inspiring , and motivating. I recommend him with trust to speak to Sales Teams, Leaders, Business Owners, and other audiences. I have rarely seen such dedication in helping others to succeed, And his words have helped me a great deal. I owe him my success, And I strongly believe in his abilities. ” _____ GREG D. , Real Estate and Loan Assistant At Score Properties & Monster Mortgage
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Greg D.
Realtor Assistant
“Emrick has a great stage presence. I have seen Emrick perform on stage and I think that he’d be a great asset for any event. I have 15 yrs of experience in the industry of organizing events and I recommend him for any kind of corporate event, teen empowerment event, or charity event.” ____________________ Daniel Villa, Audio Visual and Lighting Designer, CEO at Ambiance Lighting Pros, Inc.
Testimonial Daniel Villa 1x1
Daniel Villa
CEO Ambiance Lighting Pros
“Emrick has a strong delivery to present the many ideas he showcases for a motivational session. He knows what he wants to say, and then expresses it in a way that would inspire and motivate any audience. I have known Emrick for years, and I can say that his energy and enthusiasm is enough to carry anyone to the next level of their Business and lifestyle. He did it for me, and he can do it for others._______ Brian Baldini Actor/Writer
Testimonial Brian Baldini 1x1
Brian Baldini


Leading with the Heart!  "Humanize your Business and Win!" ...

Emrick Motivator/ Leadership Speaker is an expert in Communication and consults business owners and Leaders  since 2009.  He has studied business communication since 2004.

He is a Motivator Speaker, Business Leadership Consultant, and author.        
His highest successes include:

Helped a Realtor to land a $10.25 Million Deal on a commercial deal in Beverly Hills, and Helping an performer getting his parts and his calls multiplied by 5 within a few months.
Prior to his leadership efforts, Emrick, an author and former educator by passion, created, managed, and lead a successful retail business in Los Angeles. 

As the founder of Boost Your Biz for leaders  and business owners to increase their net profits, Emrick attained a key role in the improvement of various businesses  in Los Angeles, a positive psychology based system of connectivity and productivity.

        He has addressed and removed the main road blocks keeping Business people from succeeding, mainly on the financial and net profits issues.   He has also helped sport teams to win matches!

Author of a forthcoming bestseller, Become a Great Leader: Leading with the Power of Positivity , based on penetrating conversations and questioning the business status-quo that have been shared with business people around the globe. 
Emrick is a Motivator/Leadership Expert, Communication Mastery Expert, Business Consultant, and Author. 

Emrick Garam
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