Creativity and Writing

This one is for you writers (and speakers/trainers/presenters!)
Don’t force it… 1. on a blank page , hand write your title. ………….2. then, under your T Title, just write problem #1 blank, problem #2 blank, problem #3 blank . …..3. then, LEAVE. for 30 min. read, jog, dance on your favorite song, walk your dog, your cat,…..4. then come back, and write just words or phrases that addresses problem #1. How many problems? … that’s right! do not edit, or make it neat . as long as you can read it later, it’s all good, …..5. then LEAVE again. Lather-rinse-repeat for the other 2. do NOT’ force it! creation always comes in easy way. never on forcing way. that ‘s the way I write, and others write. also, write on a blank piece of paper. paper and pencil/pen has magic into it. has been researched and proven. …may the creative juices guide your way! 
from movie “Finding Forrester”
Jamal is the protege, William is the mentor. Jamal is sitting at a typewriter. staring at a blank page…
“William: Is there a problem?
“Jamal: No. I’m just thinking.
“William: No thinking. That comes later. You write your first draft…with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is…to write. Not to think.” 
First write with your heart. not with your head!
to your bliss!    (PS: from a thought, an idea… from it, a writing piece…, from it, a message… from it, a service which helps many. So from great writing , great service… ) 


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The Power of Meditation and Tips to Meditate

In order to master the Law of Attraction, I think that meditation is crucial. Every morning I spend 35 to 40 min in meditation. (to grow my Love and Light to “shine out”) It is like also cleaning the mind from the garbage. and opens space to get more from life.
Today, I want to share what I know about meditation.
First, you can find a number of meditation techniques on youtube
Meditation can be done in 4 main ways; guided, silent, or mantra , and contemplation. Meditation is usually done with closed eyes or as in ht e zen meditation, gazing the floor, 3 ft in front to of you.
GUIDED: you have many on . the master just tells you what you canvisualize and feel. it is a passive mode. Or the master can chant a word or a stream of words.
SILENT/BREATHING: you just focus on your breathing, and try to keep your mind as quiet as possible. This is quite a high level of meditation, and you have to watch not to fall asleep. there is the free breathing technique or the controlled breathing technique, where you count second inhale and seconds to exhale; for example 7-3-7-3 starting with inhale.
NOTE: SILENT MEDITATION can be also done with a soft, mellow music in a low volume.
MANTRA Meditation: it is the same as above but repeating a word or a string of words. examples: Ohm or Ahh, OR “ohm-shreem-maha-kashmihe-naamaha,” etc..
in the Transcendental Meditation, you have a mantra to repeat during the entire day too, every 15 seconds!
CONTEMPLATION: INSIDE: you can lit a candle and focus on it, or take a picture and focus on it, or OUTSIDE: just go to your backyard and observe nature, focusing on its simple beauty, or to the park and do the same.
LENGTH: it varies. for me, i need 35 min minimum. if you are novie, start with 5 -10 min. and add time as you go.
FREQUENCY: Daily is the best ; first thing in the morning is very beneficial you can also do it in then evening.
POSITION: there are a variety of positions but the main ones are:
CHAIR: sitting on a chair, back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands facing up of down. (you may add gestures to enhance your meditation. I do…)
NO CHAIR: sitting on a cushion, Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set.
Well that’s about all I know about meditation practices. Again, I recommend meditation to activate your Law of Attraction. It will center your mind, clean out the garbage we ingest everyday through gossips, TV news (the bad ones, about 95%), information overload, etc. and have a clear mind ready to work on your projects or goals.

But dont’ take my word for it! Try it for yourself! Experiment! 

Here is a meditation I like to practice: