Happiness and Health

Lester Levenson, noted speaker and author, said that the only method to receiving Love is to give Love, because what we give comes back. Then, he noted that the more is was loving others, the happiest he became.

He noticed also that each time he wanted something so bad, he became miserable; and each time he was giving and loving, he was the healthiest.

At 42, He healed himself when he was condemned to live only 2 weeks more by his doctors.

Then he started to love, to give Love with no expectation of any return, to give away also freely, and he realized that to try to change others made him feel ill and miserable.

He finally realized that God is in us all, that we are infinite being without limitations. He totally cured himself and live to be 84 years old ; he exactly doubled his life by following these simple ideas!

in Love and Gratitude,


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