How to Get Things Showing Up in Your Life

Today, a golden nugget for you, my dear readers. 
When you want something, be playful and detached about it.
For example, before going to bed, you might say or think like this:

“That would be nice if I’d [had/do/experience] this. But if not , it’s fine. I just release it to the Universe now.”

Then don’t think about it for say, 10 hours. Be sincere! NOTE: If you are not genuine, it will not work. But if you are genuine, well, you’ll see!

Please email me or if you want, share your experience after doing this. Thanks!

In Love and Gratitude, 


I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

Attract faster anything You want in your life,

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 

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