Secrets to Happiness

Happiness is basically more or less equal to :  feeling Free, Peaceful, and Love in and out.

Isn’t it? So, lets start with…

* Freedom *

It is to be Free of emotional attachments. First, forgive and forget sincerely.

 * Peace *

Then, Peace. Peace is accepting “what is”, completely. (Trying to change “what is” becomes “war”).

 * Love *

Finally Love in and out. Love in = love coming in = feel loved good, but not powerful.

Love out= Love others, more than just accept others. Love others unconditionally. 

That is powerful.  Love is Power. 

Loving others is recognizing your connection with the world around You. 

Try to Practice these three Powerful Pillars and you will find Happiness.

Also:  When You are happy, You will attract more happiness to You. Also, Happiness is contagious. It changes people around You, they want to help You, etc.  So today, make Yourself a promise: Work at smiling more, saying nice things to cashiers, etc, and watch Your Life changing for the best! You will be surprised!
in Love and Gratitude,



I Hope You will enjoy theses steps ,and if You do, pass it on to others! …

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I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

Attract faster anything You want in your life,.

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 

In Love and Gratitude,



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