The Wise Old Woman and the Jewel

One day, there was an old woman who lived in the mountains. She was very wise.  Sitting by the river, she was  gazing into the river.  She noticed a precious stone; it was a huge precious stone.  Then, she reached into the river and readily took it out from the stream. As she looked at the precious stone, she knew that this was the solution and the answer to all her problems and struggles for the rest of her life; then she put it very carefully into her bag.  A few moments passed, as she was contemplating her serene future,  and how she would use the gem.  At that moment, a tired traveler stopped and asked her: “I am hungry . do you have anything to eat?”  The kindhearted woman opened her little bag, and reached out for her piece of bread, and she gave it to the man . At that moment, he noticed her gem and asked her, ” Can I see that stone?” She gave the stone to the man. Then , he said: “What a beautiful stone! Tell me, could I have it? ” She answered, “Sure, you can take it.”  Then the man took the gem and disappeared. The following day, the traveler came back to the woman, and said, “Woman, here is your precious stone. I want you to have it. It belongs to you. Instead of having it, I would like to ask you something that is even more precious than the gem. I ‘d want you to give me what is it inside your heart that made you give me the precious gem.” Retold by Emrick, from a Wayne Dyer lecture.

This story is the image of what one may have to give to the world. One may not give you money, but may  give you how to get your dreams come true.  If you are looking for success, keep posted, there is more to come!

Your Life is now!  Live in the Now!

Why do You Need to Release?

What is the reason you need to release? A release frees You from emotional attachments and feelings of aversions.  The use of release proves conclusions made by many wise men and researchers.  The conclusions were attachments and aversions are The cause of suffering. The mind through its thoughts is lead by feelings. Each feeling or emotion is the result of accumulation  of thousands of thoughts. Because people in their lives suppress, repress, or look for escaping their feelings, the suppressed energy builds up and seeks expression or release through various Psychosomatic disorders, bodily problems, emotional illnesses, and erratic behavior in their personal relationships. This build up of feelings cause illness and blocking success in various, if not all , areas of Life. This is the reason why You need to release. 

Furthermore, by practicing  a Release, you enhance the Law of Attraction (aka Law of Creation), let go of trying to control your life ( a very hard task if not impossible to do), and acknowledge the Power that will help you to reach any goal you are aiming.  There are several release techniques out there. Below is a program that includes several ways to release. 

I hope that you will get the most of all this and attract faster anything You want in your life.

Attract faster anything You want in your life, 

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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You! 

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