How to Face The Economy Crisis

How to face the economy crisis. Here is how Alan Cohen views economy. Maybe this is how we can slow down and maybe even stop the economy crisis? 

During the past 10 years, the economy is at the top of the list of the urgent issues triggering talks and new motions. In the US, the government is launching new policies and measures to try to solve the economic emergency and predicament.  Presenting some suggestions to deal with the economic stress and feel better, also to produce positive results. So this is Alan Cohen suggestions in the following plan. I am not an economic expert and so I don’t understand the mechanics of the economy because of its complexity; nevertheless this makes sense. 

Step 1: Seeing the Big Picture  

A good visionary person sees the Big Picture when facing the actual appearances proving the contrary.

The “big Picture is complete Abundance, infinite resources, balanced and healthy economic system, etc. to those who see these. A true visionary individual will flourish and succeed under any condition. There are at all time people who flourish in hard economic periods, and people who struggle in times of prosperity. It is not the current economy condition which decide for your well being. It is your consciousness face to it. So you have the power to create your own individual prosperous economy  on a personal level, and as you do this you may even uplift the general economy! For instance, the greatest achievements of the 20th  century are the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Empire State Building in New York City. Both were funded and constructed during the Great Depression. So some people did not let them affected by the general outlook on the harsh economic times, and the general beliefs of the masses. These are people who always will prosper even in the most difficult times, and so can you, and through your abundance you even can inspire others and help them to do so.

2 Trust the Higher Power

Whenever the human business seem to go down, the Divine approach become very real. This higher power is running the Universe better than even the most skilled economist experts. The more connected you stay with this Higher power, the more you will reach inner peace, and you skills to make sound money decisions.

Like Theseus in the Labyrinth, whenever you feel lost in the worldly life, hold on to your connection with True Spirit. There is a spiritual solution to every problem. And there is no more sound advice that this in these economic times.  

3  Danger and Opportunity  

The Chinese symbol for crisis in 2 symbols mixed into one ; It is “danger “ and “opportunity” . The danger that appears to be in the current situation. And also there is an opportunity . “all change is good”. Perhaps there is a natural balancing happening making the economy stronger. Whenever we face a crisis, we are moved to make decisions that improve our life, (our personal world).

4 Know your priorities:   

In an episode of “Fantasy Island “ a gambler lives his fantasy to create a winning streak. But mesmerized by his gambling, he forgets about his son. Finally he realizes that he is the luckiest man not for winning but for having his family. 

When money seems tight, we have a window of insight to see how rich we are. If we use this time to grow closer to our families, home, nature, activities that bring us joy, our true self, and our Higher Power , this disturbance serve us well!

5 Money needs to Circulate:   

We need to keep moving our energy, including financially . “All disease is due to a congestion, and all healing is the result of a good circulation.” This concept applies accurately to the economic situation.  Whenever people, are scared to spend money, there is less money in circulation; and then people are more afraid to spend, and so forth, and so on. But, when consumers act from abundance and trust, the dynamics shift.

So now is a good time to spend your money.  When you do that, you set the wheels of economics into motion. You set the wheels of Abundance in motion, you feel you have enough to spend, and money moves not just from you but to you! Yes , money goes around.

6 Live in the Now Every Moment

Don’t fool yourself thinking that you will relax and enjoy life when the current crisis is over. But that is like the carrot at the tip of the stick which you will never get. Either your life is rewarding right now, or it will never be. Now is the right opportunity to enjoy your day and your life, regardless of money. Stop , take a moment and say a nice word to the cashier, play with your spouse or kids, take a stride in the park, or do your hobby.

Everything always works out. Be cheerful, be uplifted and uplift others, and you will contribute to the economy, and to the spiritual world in a big way.

Peace, Abundance and Happiness to You! 


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