Who is God? What is Matter? What is Co-Creation? Nobel Prized Scientist defines God

Who is God? It is someone we are starting to “get” to understand more and more since around the 1950’s and that is more and more to the reach of the general public within the last 10 years.

What is matter? Matter is pretty much what all the world agreed upon, based on how we sense it, is made of. Science has categorized matter into the following main groups (or states) : gases, liquids, solids, and then weighed matter, analyzed its composition and Mendeleev created his chart, the famous Periodic Table. from the lightest element being Hydrogen (H) atomic no: 1, and the heaviest being Uranium (U) atomic no: 92.

What is co-creation? It is the creation of everything we get in our life.  It is created by both our Self as an individual, and God-Source-Creator. The Law of Attraction says that “what we think about we bring about.” Or: what we think about we create.

Nobel Prize physicist Max Planck, upon receiving his prize said, “After studying matter almost all my life, this is my conclusion:There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exist only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of atoms to vibration and holds this micro system on atoms together. Behind this force is  [the power of ] a conscious and intelligent mind, the Matrix of all matter [God-Source-Creator].” The key words here are: matter, force, vibration, micro system, conscious mind.  

Matter is the result of a [creative] force in our world (aka Universe) . Quantum Scientists call this world (aka Universe) the Field of infinite possibilities. Atoms vibrate and “create” or form matter (gas, liquid, solid, and the states between) by changing the speed of their vibration.

How do You alter the speed of these vibration? by observing an event, by your thoughts, and by your emotion involved in the observing.

***   That is the reason why it is so important to keep a receptive mind, an open mind to the infinite possibilities, in order to control your mind/creative spirit and then alter your life and your creation (see law of attraction).

Let me put it more simply. By thinking (joined with feeling) of your desire, you create this desire in your inner reality. Then you project this thought (which is a vibration) from your mind to your reality (your  outer world).  Then this vibration is going to put itself to work and create (with the Creator) your  desire.

 How do you train yourself in going so, in creating your desires? First you have to raise your energy (your vibration) in your mind by keeping your mind open through meditation, through a positive attitude ( to life and people and event ), through a state of appreciation and gratitude for what you have, do, experience , and through a spirit of being of service (trying to help others more than to get from others).

When you practice the above actions , you will feel a change in you, and a change in the world.

Abundance , Success, Happiness to You!


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