Thoughts have been found to be more powerful than ever imagined with the birth of Quantum Physics led by eminent physicians such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein,  who were the founding fathers of Quantum Physics.

Only recently was the discovery of a strong catalyst, which gives an incredible exponential power to the thoughts [which become inner reality then outer reality or {your} world]. This catalyst I want to put a strong emphasis is : feelings, and/or emotions.  

Thinking of something without emotion is like praying without faith nor expectation for realization.  Also, there is one interesting thing about feelings. When you have the feeling of being happy, everything (including material things you want) will fall into place in your life.  

Quantum physics have also discovered that everything we think about, energized by our feelings, brings about a [created ] reality in our reality (defined as The Field of unlimited potential, by quantum physics).

 When you visualize your desire, you have to feel it.   “… and out of nothing, something will be made. All you have to do is feel it. feel it.” Rev. Michael B. Beckwith    

Blessings to You!   

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