How To Heal Yourself Now!

How to heal yourself… You know, You have the power to heal. You have this Power that is in You, in your True Self, your Higher Self. Let me give you some tips how to heal yourself.  It is all about gathering your energy (that you have in you) and channeling it towards self healing. 

*Start to say thank you for the things you have in life,
First the obvious : Be grateful for your physical health. Look at your body, look at your face. look at your eyes. and wonder how everything is just so perfect, so beautiful.

*Then, make a list of all the good things you have received, lived, or experienced in the past 6 months. Your new tool, printer, computer, iphone, ipad, new shoes, new shirt, new jeans, anything that is new. 


*Remains positive, laugh with your friends or do things you love. photograph, draw, read, watch a good movie, paint, play the piano, dance (even alone, why not?). Keep looking for the positive side of life. Miracles are all around you, just be aware of them. 

*You have the power to heal. Invoke it ! say, think, “I am capable of healing of any sickness and illness!”  The doctors know
some areas in health based on traditional western medicine, but they have NO power to heal You, because this is something that
is going on inside of You, in Your own mind/body. What doctors do is to take a guess of how to alleviate the pain, observe the symptoms, and try to stop the illness. But all that is just guessing, based on their knowledge.  They are focused on methods, not the end result. 

If you believe in your Higher Self or Source, or God-Source, He/She/It never makes any mistake.

Note: Did you know that the origin of the process of healing, even cicatrization (from a scar) is still Not explained by Science? How it disappear? 

  1. Here are some personal examples…With this belief , I have already recovered from:

* Left eye nerve paralysis,
* Arthritis of the right hand ,
* Right eye , corneal abrasion, a scratch on cornea 
* Arthritis in both knees ,
* And various other health problems.

2 Behold Nature
Lose yourself in the contemplation of nature, people, and away from your problems. Focus on the beauty of the flora, wild life, and let your problems float away. 

3 Take Care of Your Projects
For example, when my left eye was paralyzed, we were moving. I put a patch on it, and shopped for furniture, drove everyday,  built from scratch a huge walking closet (dim: 3 yds X 2.5 yds X 5 yds!). Then, I put wall paper in 3 medium sized rooms. All I did was to  focus on my moving and projects. 

4 Laugh, be positive,
Go on YouTube, there are plenty of clips that are very funny and positive note: if you like some movies, you can get clips on youtube. (Dumb and Dumber, Jack Black, OSS 117, Seinfeld,and such) . Read funny books, watch comedies, laugh with your friends.  

5 Make a List
 Make a list of all the good things (see above) with genuine gratitude. Keep you mind on the watch for any positive experience in your life, and the ones unfolding. (… Life fully in the present moment-Here and Now).

6 Be of Service
I know it’s a bit simple, but to serve others, it’s going to cheer you up because you realize that you are useful in the lives of others.  Do this with all your will, Not because you have to! 

7 Meditate
Take the time to empty your mind. Let silence do its job.
It’s amazing the things that happen to those who meditate.

Click Here for  Stress,            Here for Alignement Meditation,           Here for  Zen Relaxation Music ,   Here Guided Relaxation ,        Here for Magic of True Love Meditation,          Here for Meditating Like a Zen Monk,     Here for Chakra Meditation,     and     Here a very relaxing music    on which you can meditate.


More and more doctors agree to the main reason (or Reason #1)  of health problems are due to … STRESS. That is a fact: stress get people sick, ill, and sometimes even kills!  Beside relaxing in a long bath with salts, you also can draw, paint, or just play! (playing with other people is more fun if you can do this). 

Now, you have all the basic tools to heal yourself now.  I hope this short List will help you to heal.  The most important to heal is to keep positive , expect healing, and release your desire to heal to God-Source-Universe-Higher Self.  Detach yourself from the outcome is what is crucial too.  Warning: The more you think about it, the longer it will manifest, because you are creating another condition, a condition of Need, which generates more need. (“Like attracts like!”, “What you resist persist.”)

Of course there are great books to read, especially It is Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong, a bestseller, and Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life. For more readings please check Resources, or just click Here.

Health, Abundance, and Joy to You! 

Who is God? What is Matter? What is Co-Creation? Nobel Prized Scientist defines God

Who is God? It is someone we are starting to “get” to understand more and more since around the 1950’s and that is more and more to the reach of the general public within the last 10 years.

What is matter? Matter is pretty much what all the world agreed upon, based on how we sense it, is made of. Science has categorized matter into the following main groups (or states) : gases, liquids, solids, and then weighed matter, analyzed its composition and Mendeleev created his chart, the famous Periodic Table. from the lightest element being Hydrogen (H) atomic no: 1, and the heaviest being Uranium (U) atomic no: 92.

What is co-creation? It is the creation of everything we get in our life.  It is created by both our Self as an individual, and God-Source-Creator. The Law of Attraction says that “what we think about we bring about.” Or: what we think about we create.

Nobel Prize physicist Max Planck, upon receiving his prize said, “After studying matter almost all my life, this is my conclusion:There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exist only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of atoms to vibration and holds this micro system on atoms together. Behind this force is  [the power of ] a conscious and intelligent mind, the Matrix of all matter [God-Source-Creator].” The key words here are: matter, force, vibration, micro system, conscious mind.  

Matter is the result of a [creative] force in our world (aka Universe) . Quantum Scientists call this world (aka Universe) the Field of infinite possibilities. Atoms vibrate and “create” or form matter (gas, liquid, solid, and the states between) by changing the speed of their vibration.

How do You alter the speed of these vibration? by observing an event, by your thoughts, and by your emotion involved in the observing.

***   That is the reason why it is so important to keep a receptive mind, an open mind to the infinite possibilities, in order to control your mind/creative spirit and then alter your life and your creation (see law of attraction).

Let me put it more simply. By thinking (joined with feeling) of your desire, you create this desire in your inner reality. Then you project this thought (which is a vibration) from your mind to your reality (your  outer world).  Then this vibration is going to put itself to work and create (with the Creator) your  desire.

 How do you train yourself in going so, in creating your desires? First you have to raise your energy (your vibration) in your mind by keeping your mind open through meditation, through a positive attitude ( to life and people and event ), through a state of appreciation and gratitude for what you have, do, experience , and through a spirit of being of service (trying to help others more than to get from others).

When you practice the above actions , you will feel a change in you, and a change in the world.

Abundance , Success, Happiness to You!


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Living Fully, Living Successfully: Your Life is Now!

I want to remind you that it is true: Living “one moment at a time” is really successful living.  I have tried many approaches to live my life more fully, and I have to assert this: Live your life one moment at a time is something you must train yourself to do.  What do I mean? Detach yourself from your “dear ” future, your goals, your projects.  Live fully each passing moment with all your senses, and emotions, or feelings.  

About your future, your goals, your projects…

They will be taken care of, in perfect time. I guarantee this to you. Your Higher Self/Universe/Source or God is working on it, since the first time or moment you have expressed interest in it. Stop re-sassing or repeating what you want. This is not going to to make it faster, but maybe slow it down!
You have to realize (or be in the awareness of ) that you are in a constant changing state, with each passing moment giving you an opportunity to grow, or “expand”, in your awareness. The more you “pay attention” to the present moment, the more you feel and live fully the moment, or in the moment.

It is interesting to note that you will experience, being in that state, extremely blissful moments. Let me give you examples of some of my blissful moments. First, I have to tell you that I am very much into wild life appreciation.
I like to observe and appreciate animals of all kinds in each moment.
Yesterday, I was thinking “Oh, no rabbits on the trail… oh well!” and then a school of approx. 20 doves landed about 20 yards away from me. (I call this a blessing of doves.)
Today, a child held a small bunny in his hands, and let me hold it for a few moments. (I let my heart felt appreciation flow in my heart for this). This was Expanded Self/True Self/God/Source Universe answering my usually seeing rabbits on my walk.
Last week, I was hoping to see a deer walking by the road… A moment later, I saw two young deer, stopped and lo and behold, they were caught into a fence! I had to go and free one of them, felt her soft hair and her heart racing , as I was holding her to free her from her being stuck. I call this another blessing. I appreciated this moment of bliss.
About a month ago, I was saying that I didn’t see many hawks anymore. about 5 minutes later, a magnificent hawk landed in the tree in front of me, stayed for a good 5 to 8 minutes looking around, perched on another branch as to pause for having a good look on him, and then swooped very close to the ground, so we could admire his wonderful feathers. I appreciated this bliss.
These are just a few examples and proofs that The Expanded Self/God/Source/Universe is always there to answer to your wishes. I call these little miracles.
Many time people let these pass them by, and focusing on how stressed they may be. We are not here to suffer, but to enjoy life, to play in our life, and this is something you must be aware of. The more you let go of your pain, worries, and stress, the more you live fully, moment by moment, and successfully. Let go of your burden, live one step at a time, one moment at a time and your life will change to a series of miracles.
Believe me, this is something we have to live to realize, but give it a try.
Your life is now: Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not next year, not in 5, 10 years. Now.
Life is right now; enjoy it, feel the miracle of the moment unfolding, with expectation that your life is absolutely wonderful, miraculous, and a bliss of moments. And don’t forget to fully appreciate (or be grateful for) the moment of joy, give thanks, and continue your day by day path of miracles.

Your Life is Now!      Don’t miss it out!
Blessings to You!      Bliss to You!



Thoughts have been found to be more powerful than ever imagined with the birth of Quantum Physics led by eminent physicians such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein,  who were the founding fathers of Quantum Physics.

Only recently was the discovery of a strong catalyst, which gives an incredible exponential power to the thoughts [which become inner reality then outer reality or {your} world]. This catalyst I want to put a strong emphasis is : feelings, and/or emotions.  

Thinking of something without emotion is like praying without faith nor expectation for realization.  Also, there is one interesting thing about feelings. When you have the feeling of being happy, everything (including material things you want) will fall into place in your life.  

Quantum physics have also discovered that everything we think about, energized by our feelings, brings about a [created ] reality in our reality (defined as The Field of unlimited potential, by quantum physics).

 When you visualize your desire, you have to feel it.   “… and out of nothing, something will be made. All you have to do is feel it. feel it.” Rev. Michael B. Beckwith    

Blessings to You!