The SHIFT: Before / After the QUANTUM SHIFT

I was watching The Shift, a movie with Wayne Dyer. There is a part that I want to write about Quantum moments.   There was a research with Men and Women, before and after having this “Quantum Moment”. They were asked to list what were their PRIORITIES in their life.

For MEN,    #1: WEALTH. MONEY. We are raised with the idea that we have to provide for our family. 2: ADVENTURE; to conquer the world. 3: ACHIEVEMENT. as men we are to achieve. that we are what we achieve, we create. 4: PLEASURE: Having fun, dating, etc. 5: RESPECT: If we don’t get respect, we argue,  etc.

AFTER the QUANTUM SHIFT, and many years later,  listing the Priorities, 1: Value #1: SPIRITUALITY i.o MONEY.   2:PERSONAL PEACE  less stress, less anxiety 3: FAMILY: Waht is really important in my life 4: GOD”S WILL: teh question of the sense of purpose. 5: HONESTY: Not stealing; How honest am I as a me, with my own feelings?  

WOMEN:   1: FAMILY: raised to be a good mother. 2: A SENSE of INDEPENDANCE: they would like to feel this. 3: CAREER: Women want to be part of the working society. 4: FITTING IN: to be like everybody else. 5: ATTRACTIVE: How do I look, how do I be more attractive? eg, Observe a newstand and women magasines.                

AFTER the SHIFT: 1: OWN PERSONAL GROWTH: HOw do I feel about myself , as a human being? 2: SELF-ESTEEM: Am I worth anything, Am I a valuable human being? 3: SPRITUALITY: My connection to God/ Source/ Universe 4 : HAPPINESS: I am entitled to be happy.  5: FORGIVENESS: Forgiving others to feel whole, the release in forgiving.  

What is a Quantum Moment?

It is a Vivid, Surprising, profound, lasting moment. He explains that after he changed restaurant with his 5 kids and wife for just one reason: he couldn’t have his beer with his meal.  Later on, he had this Quantum moment, where he felt, at 4 am, in Peace and Lucidity, and his mind became clear; and he thought about how he was selfish about his own need. This moment produces a Quantum Shift, where as a human being we are propelled at a higher level in our spirituality, in our thinking.

I hope this article will help you! I think it will, even though you may think that it is not always exactly correct, as I think, it is still worth something for our wisdom.

Peace, Happiness to You! 


Interview with Bryan Franklin $10M Coach Sharing His Secrets

I just found this interview, led by Bruce Muzik, with $10M Coach Bryan Franklin, quite interesting.  Listen to him very carefully. There a few golden nuggets worth listening in this talk.

I hope you will find something useful for your life changing quest. Enjoy!

Abundance and Happiness to You!

Don’t Throw A Life Away

 ‘You don’t throw a whole life away because its banged up a little…’ from the movie Seabiscuit, one of my favorite.  This quote tells you how it is so easy to give up on someone else… but it is so important to give that someone else a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. So , when you feel like giving up on somebody, remember this sentence, and then think. You will see that thisis Wisdom. Too many give up so easily on others, and then wonder where their life has gone. It is important to support one another… and it gives so much pleasure to see how it ends! So,  ‘You don’t throw a whole life away…because its banged up a little!

Blessings of Abundance and Joy to You!


Your Life is Now: Your Divinity

Your Life is Now. Your Divinity is Here, with You, right Now.

“Miracles are everywhere around you; All you need to do is to be aware of it, and soon they will naturally reveal themselves to you.  Stop running breathless and relentlessly think about what’s next.  Just slow down and walk; soon you will see all what you’ve been missing while you were running. The Magic in your life: the birds singing their melody, the stream gurgling its peaceful whisper, the flowers blooming in majesty, the butterflies showing their colorful and magical wings, fluttering in a beautiful dance to the Divine Creator residing in your heart.” Emrick Garam

(excerpt from book #3)

Blessings of Abundance adn Happiness to You!

exerpt from book #3