Love, Smile, Be Happy and Your Life Purpose

Why are we here? to be happy. How do we get happy? By understanding our connection with our Self, and others. How do we do that? It is very simple: Love your self. Smile to your self in the mirror, understanding you are connecting with your True Self. Smile to others ( I had to re-learn how to smile) Understand that Love, Pure Love, is divine , is your true connection with your Holiness. It is your true connection with God-Source inside of You.

Be in touch with your natural child curiosity. Be curious about others. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. ( not the other way around!) Believe that God-Source-Universe is not found outside but inside of You. Share your treasure, your skills with others, with the world.

If you don’t have a dream for yourself, help others to achieve theirs. Remember to share a moment with the less privileged. Your place in the world, your mission, your purpose is to make someone happier, even if it is for one hour, one day, or a week. This is the only way to find your Holiness, and God inside of You.

Joy, Happiness, Abundance to You!     Namaste

I Believe in Us

What do I mean when I say I believe in Us?  Well many of us has the belief that we are separated from the Universal God~Source.  We have to understand that we are really one with God, if and only if we want to be. The power of belief goes two ways: the belief of us being completely limited, and the belief of us being completely powerful with the ability to create or co-create our life, our surroundings, our friends, our “things” ( as in possessions), and basically our reality. 

Remember that Reality comes from the inside out. We think our reality (and our part in it, our role), and then reality appears. 

We have the choice between 2 options for taking the Ride of Life:

Option 1: riding on the passenger seat, powerless, as playing the role of “victim”,  or 

Option 2: taking the wheel, being in control, and playing the role of the one in charge of his/her own life.

Then, at the end of our life, we will say, “Wow! What a ride!” or : “If only I could start my life all over again…”

Until next time, 

Blessings of Peace , Love, Abundance, and True Joy!

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Happiness to You!