I Don’t Believe in “That” God! I Believe in Us

I don’t believe in “that” God:

God the Punisher…

He is a forgiving GOd, but I went to a Catholic church and the priest told that if we don’t do this or that, God will punish us.

God the Judge, who judges all

God loves us all, without discrimination. and if some are leading a different life, have different sexual orientations, and so on, he is not going to refuse them to come to Him/Her.

God must be Christian

I am sorry, but God is no more christian, than muslim, than buddha, than any religion claims Him/Her to be. God is Universal and can be called Source, the Great Spirit, Krshna, or the Universe, God has not chosen one group of people, but all groups of people on earth the whole 7 billions of us!

God the Destroyer…

We must not fear God, but love Him/Her with all our heart, just like He/She does love us. We must be all accepting He/She , and willing to help, share, care, and give, as all prophets told us to do.

God the Separate Entity…

One last thing: we all have God in us. That is how we can heal ourselves and others. That is how we can do “miracles” (unexplained events), and that the Divine Love we carry is capable of triggering all kinds of good events. God is everywhere. Do not go to this place or that place to look for He/She, since you carry He/She with you always.

So, I don’t believe in that God, I believe in me, I believe in us. For we carry He/She in us, and we are all a bunch of little Gods walking around and living our temporary life on earth. 

I don’t believe in that God, I believe in me, I believe in us.