Simple Short Meditation

There is so much to see in the simplicity of a candle.
It is full of love and resonates deeply in our souls. I feel also peace and growing hope in this simple, gentle lights.

Find the Peace between your thoughts and you will find God-Source, the link between your soul and the creator.

More on this meditation on or Click on the candle.



Blessings of Peace to You.

Happiness and Abundance!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Short Meditation

  1. I absolutely love meditation! I never imagined it would work before I tried it… I wish everyone would give it a chance. When I started I just felt a bit more aware of my thoughts and was amazed that this kind of spirit stayed with me the whole day. Now it has become part of my life!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment. I just moved up the donation button. You can find it on the right column, under “Thank You” . Blessings of Abundance and Happiness to You!

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