Simple Short Meditation

There is so much to see in the simplicity of a candle.
It is full of love and resonates deeply in our souls. I feel also peace and growing hope in this simple, gentle lights.

Find the Peace between your thoughts and you will find God-Source, the link between your soul and the creator.

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Blessings of Peace to You.

Happiness and Abundance!

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Esther Abraham Hicks-and the Law of Attraction

This is the views of Esther Abraham-Hicks, best seller author and reknown as a master of the Law of Attraction, aka, the Art of Deliberate Creation, the Power of Mind Expanding, Power of the Creative Mind.


The Universal Law of Attraction: an Explanation

You may believe it or you may be a fervent sketptical. The fact is we all are subject to the law of attraction. It is just like gravity, or the tide in the ocean. It is there, and just continue doing its job.

In a nut shell, there is a simple fact about energy: like attracts like. It is just like the opposite of a magnetic field, where opposites attract each other.  Quatum physics have found that everything in this world and everthing in the Univeerse is made up of one thing: Enerlgy . There are different rates of energy, also so called vibration. With the viabration frequency, the matter or form it takes change.

The interesting fact is that everything we have, or have experienced is the result of attravcion, the result of a vibrational correspondence, or vibrational match. It is a little like how the Indian citar works. If you strum a string, a certain note frequency make another untouched string vibrate in harmony, and sound to corespond to the other vibrational note.

Now that you know about how th euniversal law of attraction works, all you have to do is to imagine something you want , put in it your feelings and emotions , and the vibration you put into your vision will go to the Universe, to which It will match corresponding situations with the same kind of vibration. For example: You imagine that you are in an exotic beach, you feel happy and peaceful; the universe will supply the place and your feeling. You just created a part of your life with the Universe (or with God-Source-Universe).

Happiness and Abundance to You!

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