When You Hit a Brick Wall: A Hummingbird Story

Yesterday afternoon, a hummingbird bumped into another one.  The result: he was completely unable to fly. We picked him up. We saw him struggling to recover his breath, panting and making wheezing noises calling to worry. I put my hands around him to and called on healing energy, to speed up his recovery. We put him in a shoe-box lining with cloth and tissues, for the night.  And this morning, we carried him out. First, we had to pry his tiny little nails from the cloth, which he was gripping as refusing to let go! Then we raise him toward a tree nearby, but he didn’t want to fly away. He stayed in out hands, like saying: ” Please, don’t let me go; I ‘m afraid…” But then, after raising him to the sky, he hesitated ,and finally he flew away.

The lesson: Like this hummingbird, sometimes you receive a big hit on your head. aka you hit a brick wall,  which knocks you down, and you fall on the ground. But Loving God is watching and helping you. Then hope arrives, and you recover. And then, you may get scared to fly again, but refilled with confidence and energy, you fly again, as alive as nothing happened!

You are a hummingbird! Fly fast and do not worry! You are 100% protected by Divine Love!

Blessings of Happiness to You!

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