How to Get Wealthy Rich? Are You Ready?

Why should you  be getting rich? Are you serving the world better by being poor, or being rich? Are you going to be bad if you going to get rich? Is being wealthy a curse to you?  Such questions have obviously answers. And the most striking answer is: How would you serve the world if you are poor or average. Rich people don’t hog the blanket of the world.  A few, of course do… they are right in the  spotlight, in the news, and all media.    Now. Look at it this way. Look how many people around you are miserable in their job, in their life, and in their spiritual status. Maybe you are! Aren’t you? The main reason is : because they cannot afford this vacation, that new car, this other newer computer, and so forth. Do You?  They know that they need these break in their lives , these moments of dream, because they feel incomplete by not having these tools.  These tools serve people to feel free, and also more useful to their family, to their community and to the world in general.  Everyone has a talent and need to put it into action and to the service of the community, and even more generally to the service of the world. But without money, how can you launch that business with your talent in the center of it?

Now . Do you see why you should be getting rich? Wealthy rich?

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How to Be a Wealthy

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To Do more, To Give More, to Help more, Have more!

Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You!