Here is a valuable attraction tip. One simple action you can take is: Grab a piece of paper and pencil. On the top of the paper, you can write: Thank you God or Source or Universe for the following. Then, start to list all the good events, or new stuff that happened in your life over the year 2010.  for instance, list any thing that makes your life better, as trivial as a new pair of socks, or a new pen. Then, feel each each experience with your heart, with all emotion, as you read this list aloud to yourself, or if you want, to your spouse or partner. Feel the gratitude overwhelming your heart. Be truly and completely thankful for all these good things. This will trigger something in the Universe, called Vibration Match, or Energy Match, because the Universe responds to your feelings and emotion very quickly. Also, continue being thankful through out the day.  This is a very efficient Law of Attraction Tip. Use it!

Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You!