The Power of Giving

Here is a short talk about the power of giving.

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Ask, believe, receive!

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9 Steps to Transform Your Life

Here is a List of Actions to change your life. These are habits you can get used to do, and see how your life will turn around.

1.Start reading books and watch movies about self~empowerment (click Here for a sample list)To do this will boost your energy level, and empower your general outlook on life.

2. (heart)  Write a description of your ideal relationship (you also can cut out a picture and paste your photo next to him). Feed it as many details as possible. Use your senses to imagine your vision and make it as live as possible.      Then read it aloud to yourself, visualize him with all your positive emotions , as if he already is with you.

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Peace, Love, Happiness to You!

Curing Cancer and Dissolving Tumor Remedy

Joseph Sugarman created a pill to cure cancer and dissolve tumors. This remedy comes in a new form of glutathione. It is a natural product, and antioxidant that has been written about in many medical books and articles. Studies confirm and agree with its desease-fighting properties and immune-boosting quality. It is about 60,000 studies and research. As we get older, our body produces less and less glutathione. So, our cell needing it, die because our body does not produce enough to continue to protect our cells withstanding damage from their use during illness or infections. So this pill does the work, it is called Protectus 120 and is the best and the world first effective glutathione. It is protected against the stomach acidity, and can reach the cell as a fat soluble substance. It goes through the cell walls and provide the immune-boost and repair cell as when we were young.

from The Key by Joe Vitale

Peace Love, Happiness to You!