Happiness to You!

We can be the change we want to see in the world.

Our mission is to make this world a better place.
When You help others, when You care about others, Your life transforms itself into a fulfillment, into a miracle of Life.
Then, we discover that happiness lies in forgetting ourselves
into service to others.
You give then receive. First, You must give time, love, money in order to receive time, love, money.  Then, God-Source-Universe gives You back tenfold.

“Miracles are everywhere; All you need to do is to be aware of it, and soon they will reveal themselves to you.
Stop running and always think about what’s next. Slow down and walk; soon you will see all what you’ve missed while running. the birds songs, the stream gurgling, the flowers blooming, the butterflies showing their magical wings.”

May your blessings spread energy to all those you meet.

You are the Best!  Expect Miracles!

Peace, Love, Happiness to You!