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Upcoming Best Your Life Book 2

News!  Here is a quick note of a new upcoming book : Best Your Life Book 2: Simple Steps to Change Your Life. It will be available very soon in the form of ebook edited in .pdf format.

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Clearing Method aka Releasing Method to Attract Efficiently

Here is an efficient clearing method suggested by Hale Dwoskin in his Method, called Sedona. When you go about with your affirmations, and if any limiting belief intrudes in , as if haunting your mind, your first reaction naturally to tend to ignore, cancel out, repress , or even resist these limiting thoughts or emotions. Alas, this keep them coming in your mind!  Instead, Let your mind experience the feeling , and after that release that.

Most people say that to close their eyes help them to be more concentrated on  their feelings or emotion.       Here is the process that you can take, when you have a negative or limiting money related thought coming up to your mind.

Question 1: “What is my feeling, at this moment?”

Concentrate on what emotion you feel as you sense a limiting negative thought  comes up to you.

Question 2: “Can I Welcome it?”

Simply welcome the negative or limiting feeling or emotion.

Question 3:  “Could I let it go?”

Here, you choose an answer: yes or no.

Question 4: “Would I let it go?”

Ask this to yourself. Are you prepared,to let this feeling go?

Question 5: “When?”

You can answer this question with: Now!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Then simply repeat this process as much as you need, until you are free of your limiting or negative emotion, sticking to your affirmation. Through your feelings, you will know when you are done and feel free!

Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy to You!

Gratitude Breathing

Jack Canfield,  a recognized author and success coach, suggest the following exercise, a kind of love meditation.

Whenever we feel out of phase, it is when our heart beat and our brain waves are not in alignment with each other. Here is a practice to be in a state of alignment. Also by doing this you get in a state of appreciation.

See in your mind’s eye that you are breathing in through your heart, instead of your lungs.

Close your eyes and focus on your heart. Then imagine that there is an opening in your chest where you can inhale through,  in place of your nose or your mouth.

Next imagine that you are filling up, like being charged, with Love and gratitude.  Each time you exhale your heart stays the same, but every time you inhale, your heart grows a little larger.

Next, focus on a person or some thing that you really love and appreciate. It can be your spouse, your mate, your son or daughter, your dog or cat, your car, a piece of art, your choice.

Practice for 3 to 4 minutes, you will be in an wonderful overjoyed state. Then,  while in that state ask  “What is the solution to this problem?”  Say that you are having difficulty with a person at home or at your work place, or you are not manifesting a goal you have in your heart.  Next, you may say, “What do I need to know, how can I be more effective to achieve this goal?”

The result is: You will get better answers from your heart than you would get from your head.   You have been taught how to think logically with your brain. But when you find yourself in a state of gratitude, of appreciation,  you will access deeper wisdom.