List of Actions to Change Your Life

Here is a List of Actions to change your life. These are habits you can get used to do, and see how your life will turn around.

1.Start reading books and watch movies about self~empowerment (click Here for a sample list)To do this will boost your energy level, and empower your general outlook on life.

2. (heart)  Write a description of your ideal relationship (you also can cut out a picture and paste your photo next to him). Feed it as many details as possible. Use your senses to imagine your vision and make it as live as possible.      Then read it aloud to yourself, visualize him with all your positive emotions , as if he already is with you.

3. Try to watch/listen great public speakers such as, Wayne Dyer in public,  best or on Public Television; he usually speaks on Saturday or Sundays. I strongly recommend him. He is one of the best Life Changing Philosophers and speakers . (click Here for a list of his books )

4. Try to spend time with very positive people. They will give you a more positive outlook on your life, concerns, problems you may have.Positive people will raise your energy level, make you smile, laugh, and be in a general happy feeling state.

4b. Avoid talking with gossipers and complainers. They will lower your energy, and drain your inner power. If you happen to find yourself among such people, either invent a reason you have to leave, or change the topic of conversation to a more positive one. For instance, say, “By the way, have you seen/ heard about [positive idea/news/discovery/health improvement]?”

5. If you talk to too many people you meet about your problem, try not to do that. Talking about your problem is feeding to it, and makes it bigger and bigger! If they already know about it and want to talk about it, say “I am dealing with it right now, but I would prefer not to talk about it for now…”

6. Start your Journal of Gratitude and list each evening 5 events you are grateful for. Even the minute ones: I saw a beautiful smile, I heard a bird singing. This is always a great way to be omre in the positive side, to raise your energy. By doing this, you will find more and more events to motivate you and be in a more open , happy mood. Happy mood will raise you energy, and the higher your energy, the stronger you attract good things to you.

7. Try to meditate as often as possible, in a quiet room, away from any distraction, for 10 to 15 minutes , I give you several guided meditations for you to follow on my site. Most are guided meditations.

Click Here for Stress,            Here for Alignement Meditation,           Here for  Zen Relaxation Music ,   Here Guided Relaxation ,        Here for Magic of True Love Meditation,          Here for Meditating Like a Zen Monk,     Here for Chakra Meditation,     and     Here a very relaxing music on which you can meditate.

8. From time to time, let go. that means: stop the visualization, and let God. This is where many people fail. It is easy to visualize some event, to imagine the emotions, to see what you want and what you don’t want, but to let go and let God~Universe create seems difficult, because we start to think but what do I have to let go? why do I have to lose control? Well , this is the only way to make “it” work. So , with humility, belief, and trust let’s leave it up to God~Universe and leave the rest of the “work” to Him/Her…

9. Believe. When I say “Believe” it is that you “know” your ideal life is coming .  Notice the God Winks, with little clues telling you: I am on it. You will see them more and more as you go. It is like a treasure map game, where you find clues to tell you you are getting closer to the treasure.

This is my gift to you. Use this list. Energize yourself , nurture your inner mind, elevate your inner self. Great surprises are on their way.  Miracles are around you , start being open and you will see them appearing to you. and your big miracles will come to you.

Never give up hope, you are Not alone. God-Source-Creator is there, watching for you. Expect miracles, and watch your life changing! Believe, believe, believe!

Wishes of Happiness, Peace, Love, Abundance to You!



This short meditation video will help you when you are stressed out. Remember that meditation is most beneficial if you are sitting quietly in a room , alone, with dimmed lights.

Peace, Love, Happiness to You!