Youth Yoga Exercise

Good day! Here is a short yoga exercise for Youthfulness. First, sit comfortably and quietly (in a quiet room, no phone, no fax, no interruptions). Next, point both index fingers forward. Then, place your right index over your left index; NB: your right index and hand are now facing down, and the other index and hand facing up. Next, bring both hands to your diaphragm level. Then slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through yes, your mouth! Direct your breath out, towards your index fingers tips. Breath slowly in this posture for about 3 minutes. Finally, feel your positive energy circulate.
Peace, Love, Happiness to You!

Law of Attraction: Alignment Meditation

Here is a nice alignment Meditation.  Remember to meditate everyday, do you keep your energy level high. Go to a quiet place, and devote 15 to 30 minute to meditation.

Enjoy !

Peace, Happiness, Abundance to You!