Attraction and Positive Emotions

Emotions are an important part of the law of attraction. When you feel good, you attract more of what you want. Practice being focused on the positive, so your mind is receptive to positive emotions such as love, happy feeling, caring feeling,     And try to avoid falling in the negative feelings such as, upset, fear, anger, frustration, anxiety.    All theses feelings are the result of a bad habit. Look at the unhappy people: they are constantly talking about negative things, judge others, and focus their mind on the negative events.


Dress as a successful person, act as a successful person.
Be the change you want to see in your world.
Think positively, so your inner reality is building already your coming outer reality.
Love yourself and love your life. in the present , in the Here and the Now.
Do not worry. Be confident. Believe. Believe.
Keep practicing the positive emotions, and all you want will magically appear in your life.
Someone is out there looking for you. you can attract him, so attract him by seeing him! say: I am attracting the Love of my live: the love of my life is attracting me. believe!

Love, Happiness, Abundance to You!

Let Go and Let God

One important step in attracting what you want is to let Go and let God~Universe deliver your desire .
To summarize:
first: write down / find a picture of your desire
second: energize your desire through visualization (and /or emotion)
third: visualize your self in the presence of the desire.
fourth: Let Go and Let God~Universe produce your desire for you.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT stay in the feeling of Need (aka state of Need). Why? Because you will be delivered More of this “Need feeling”. Think of God~Universe as a Source of abundance who will get you more of what you already have.

For Example: You are in the state of Love, God~Source will give you more. You are in the state of Need of Love, God will give you more of it. You see, what you feel is as important of what you want.
You have to release at one point, to let go, and let God~Source deliver. This is the real secret of “REAL-ization” of your dreams.
For example, focus on you desire for a month. write how you want your true love to be, look at the picture, feel how you would feel, see what you would see, and visualize your love. then, let go. Do not focus on it as much, just believe. Give your dream, your desire to God, Trust God. Then, this will Realize your desire, to come true. Look around you. Everything you have, are, done, you have thought about it before. Everything you accomplished stemmed from your Beliefs.
Peace, Love, Happiness to You!