How to Find your Purpose

How to find your own purpose. This is a question that I often re-evaluated.  It is important to you to find your own purpose. why you are here on earth.  Seek and you shall find. I searched for mypurpose, and there it was: plainly as a nose on my face. So I wrote it down. SunsetDomRep2

My Purpose

My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm

To support and inspire others to fully express

Their talents in a harmonious and loving way.

I am here to help them.


It doesn’t have to be exactly the same wording and the same quality, but i think now you have the idea. First, search tow of your personal qualities. then what would you do if nothing would stop you, and everything would be possible. finally, combine all what you found and write a sentence indicating your stronger desire. there you are, you have found your purpose .

Finally, write this statement and put it up where you often go. at your desk , above your desk. in the bathroom, at eye level. at the computer, at the eye level.

This is how to find your own purpose.


Peace, Love, Happiness to You…

Faith and Belief: How to Change Your Reality

Faith and belief are two major factors of the creative thought. Faith in the action of believing.   Belief(s)  is /are the level of mind limitation(s).

When we believe that something or someone is / is not of a certain nature or quality, we take an active part of creating or altering the event or the individual nature involved.

It is important to know that we have the power to alter reality, based on our belief(s).

Faith is to know that we know that we know as a speaker said, that something is going to happen. Faith is an incredible power which we can nurture and grow by the simple act of believing; this often involves a drastic change in our beliefs.

We can change our reality, by changing the way we think. The outside reality is a reflection of our beilefs, a natural follow-up to our inside reality. What we think or the way we think triggers and alter the outside reality.

Yes faith and belief are two crucial agents to the creative thoughts which create your reality.

“If you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at will change.” Wayne Dyer

Faith and Belief

Movie review: The story takes place in a farm badly needing repairs, in California, in the 1940’s.

A struggling poor family of farmers is facing the depression.Work is hard, and there is no money to hire badly needed extra hands to finish picking the crop, the oranges. So Grandpa tell his daughter he needs the children to help him for the harvest.

Unfortunately, Grandpa, The head of the family, dies, living behind his wife, his daughter (single mother) and her 2 young children. Plus a list of unpaid debts. Foreclosure is pointing at the farm…

Hungry and greedy bankers try to take advantage and get the farm for pennies to dollars.The representents are a banker and a financial administrator or official from Sacramento, California.

A man, a vagabond, crosses path with this family, and… well, just watch the movie, you ‘ll see!


Faith and Belief: Hidden Places, a good movie

Happiness Booster: How to Be Happy

The following is the complete article of Tips showing how to be happy.

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The following recipe is a happiness booster. This is a way of how to be happy. How to set you mind to be happy, how to raise the happiness energy.

Every day, wake up with a smile and be grateful for:

What you have;  your health, your body,your spouse, your family, your place, etc.

What you did;  vacation, parties, restaurant, entertainment, etc

What you are;  healthy,  richer than average,  good work, appreciated, etc .

Make a list of all these in 3 columns. you will be amazed. Do this form time to time, especially in times of  challenges.

Too many of us are taking our possessions, our state, and our gifts in general for granted. Avoid thinking readily of what you don’t have. This is a reflex too many people have.

Take a piece of paper and start writing your accomplishments.

Practice this regularly, and your life will change.

The second thing to think of is how can you help around…  But this is another subject of discussion.

This recipe is a really a happiness booster. This is absolutely a way showing how to be happy..

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” Wayne Dyer