Use Brain Association: Stop Smoking Now!

Change your life , using brain association, from a smoker to a non-smoker. Stop smoking with this simple method suggested by Paul McKenna, one of the best hypnotist. Stop smoking was a very harsh experience.  With that in mind, I hope to help many smokers who are right now thinking to stop smoking. You can change your life right now! You can stop smoking now, instantly! Here is a stop-smoking guided hypnosis session with Paul McKenna. Wishing you can benefit from it. Change your life! Use brain association to  Stop smoking now! I wish you Peace, Love , Happiness!

How to Change your Life

There are ways to change your life. Here is suggested readings. I show you how to change your life in book reading…


Right off my head, I will suggest you to read the following books and or authors:

David R. Hawkins : Power Vs Force

Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer:Excuses Begone

Wayne Dyer:Living Beyond Miracles

Wayne Dyer:Change Your Thoughts

Deepak Chopra… fore more how to Change Your Life click Here.

Thank You Readers

Dear Readers,

First I want to thank you for coming and visiting, as for following my Best Your Life changing articles.


If you feel there is a subject you would like me to address,  please ask. If you want, you can leave a comment from time to time , even if you disagree with whatever I said in writing.

You know, your opinion counts. Please accept me heartfelt appreciation  for your being loyal.

For your information , I will write more and more on this site, which is like a spinoff of my former site, which discusses pretty much the same topics. So to all who followed me here, Thank you and Welcome.

Best wishes of Peace and Happiness to You!


“Everyday, count your blessings; even the most insignificantly little  progress should not be left without acknowledgment.”

Commitment and Achievement

This quote illustrates commitment and achievement . It comes from a classic movie, Spirit of St Louis.  When Charles Lindbergh comes to meet the bankers  in St Louis to get funds for his project, here is one thing that happened.

At the end of the meeting, one of the members comes to him and asks, “–Mr Lindbergh, what makes you so sure you can make it across the Atlantic Ocean?
–Well, Mr Bigsby, when I was a kid and the smallest in my class I made up my mind that one day I was going to be 6 feet 3 inches tall. And I made it, Sir, with half an inch to spare.”

Later in the movie…

“– Maybe it’s too soon, Slim (Charles Lindbergh nickname). Maybe in 10 years or so, we will be ready.Right now the planes are not up to it…

–But it’s got to be tried Now! Over , and over again, until it’s done! Can’t you see that?”

This illustrates commitment and achievement!

A Life with a Purpose: How Helping Others Helps You

ARK or RAK: Practice Act of Random Kindess
or Random Act of Kindness. Help or Do a kind action to a poor,
a stranger, or a needy. This will help you a lot, because what you
give comes back to You, multiplied.

Today, You can commit to make a difference. We need to unite. Together, we can make a huge difference.

This Action has  several reasons:

First: If You help others, You have your seratonin level increasing, You become happier, and your immune system becomes stronger.

Second: Helping others is what we were born for.

Third : What is a dollar to you?  Do you think you could commit to give $1 from time to time?

Please write your favorite charity/ies in your comment.

These are the charities I give to regularly:


Feed the Children

National Children Cancer Society

Make a Wish

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Leukemia and Lymphona Society


American Diabetes Association

Los Angeles Mission

Union Rescue Mission

Food for the Poor

Boys Town

City of Hope

Alzeimer Association

International Rescue Committee


As you can see, the focus is on giving to the sick children, the ill, the poor, and research.  ~~~

Why do I do that? Just to make a difference.
in their lives, and in your life. There is good to do good.
I believe in it.
Please take a minute and write a comment.
ARK or RAK: Practice Act of Random Kindess
or Random Act of Kindness. Help or Do a kind action to a poor,
a stranger, or a needy. This will help you a lot, because what you
give comes back to You, multiplied.
Abundance and Happiness to You!

Your Purpose in Life

This is how to find your purpose in life.

This is a common question. What should You do with your life? Based on experience, you should find the answer as soon as possible, because it will help you in your life accomplishment. Here is a short writ to attempt to answer this question. –

There are several movies talking about this.

I have seen  movies which I recommend for you to watch to clarify your answer.

In one movie, the Ultimate Gift, it is said “If you cannot see what you can do to succeed for yourself, then help others to succeed.”  In another movie , The Bucket List,  there are two characters, reaching the end of their lives, wondering; ” what should I do know?” One is wealthy and bitter, while the other is on the average in regards to his means, but wise. When they see they are on the last leg on their lives, they decide to get out of their beds and live their dreams. In the middle of their streak, one of them tells about the ultimate two questions a dead Egyptian would face in teh after life. Based on the answers his fate of going to Hell or Heaven would be decided. Here are the two questions:

“Did you find joy in your life?  and: Did you bring joy in others lives?”

Living life for your own good may not be enough. It is important to know that everyone of us is born with the mission to help one another. It may be spiritually, or in more tangible and practical ways.

So now, you may ask yourself, “What is my area of expertise that will make me happy to practice for my work?  and: How is my area of expertise going to help others in their lives?

Once you answer these two crucial , important questions, you will start to live a life with purpose.

Be Happy!