Create More of Your Life: Be a Master Creator

You will ever be a Master Creator if you don’t genuinely feel that you truly deserve to be .  This is a conflict in you which makes it downright impossible. Of course, maybe you get some small results, but it will be difficlut for you to get consistant, regular results. ( which is what you want. Correct? ) If  down yourself you don’t absolutely feel that you deserve to have, be, and do anything, then you are not completely aligned, connected both to the Source and your creation partner. Therefore you just can’t create whatever you really want in your life.
That is precisely the reason why you need to totally focus on appreciating yourself  entirely.
For starters, write, name something (anything) which you appreciate about yourself every day, for 30 days. Completely accept yourself, yes, all that you are right this instant. Then, know with confidence that you are Per-fect right now. Yes you are pure goodness and worthy of your desires and goals.

Be happy!

“Happiness is not outside of you, it is inside yourself.”

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