Create Your Life: Abandon Complaining

To create your life positively, abandon complaining. These following positive attitude tip will help you redefining your life and attitude toward life in general .
This morning, I heard this kind of a conversation. A negative driven conversation. That person was talking about gas prices, layoffs, and so on. This person was non-stop complaining about anything and everything. This person defeated himself. It was not the economy! It  didn’t defeat him, his boss didn’t defeat him, he defeated himself. That, is the power of your mental attitude. It can cause you to win, to triumph, or to defeat yourself. This is very important. It’s so easy to look around and find somebody complaining about something. It’s so easy to join in. Remember: Misery loves company. Don’t go into that world! You are better than that!
Oh no! Don’t do it! Don’t do that to yourself!  You were not born to complain. You were born to soar, to win. We make our own economy with our mind. Work on yourself. Become valuable to others. Be useful to others.
Now, become attractive to others. Become a problem solver to others. Please ,  don’t pass on a complaining, victim driven attitude to your kids. Pass on the spirit of a winner. Take a step today. Just take one. Today!
Come on! Move upward! Move forward ! Start speaking triumph in your life. Say: ” I am valuable. People are drawn to me. I am unique and talented. I like people and people like me.”
Change you behavior. Go the extra mile for others. Watch what happens. Get clear on what you want. If you’re at a job right now which you don’t like and want to leave it. Go on and find out how much money you need to make regularly every month to leave that job position and make that your goal. And then, meet your goal.
Please! Don’t make $1 Million your goal! That is not really a goal! Make it your goal for your personal business to pay your monthly bills. Get started right now! Don’t join that ‘complaining party’!  That party will always be there. You’re above that! You are the winner!
Remind yourself that the world is waiting for you! It wants to experience your talents, and abilities. Are you willing you let them enjoy your gifts? Are you? Right now?

Happiness and Abundance to You!

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Tips to Achieve Great Deeds

I hear this almost everyday: I can’t , I don’t know how, It’s too difficult.
Do not be afraid! There are two emotions from which all emotions stem from:
Love and … Fear (aka primal emotions, from which all emotions stem from). Yes , Fear! Just analyze: If you are afraid you will get negative, moody, sad, rebelious, and even some get aggressive, avaricious, shy, clumsy, lying, hiding, cheating, sneaky, jealous, etc.
But , if you are in the Love mode, you will get attractive, happy, confident, energetic, positive, and so on.
So, How do You get into that feeling of Love?
First get in the habit of being grateful. Thank God-Source-Universe for what you already have, are, and do. Thank the Highest Spirit, your creator, with genuine feeling of recognition. Look around you and feel how rich you are!
Second, connect with people. Say a nice word, smile to them, be generous with the poor street people, smile to cashiers and pay them a nice compliment (even they look grumpy, a nice word can change their attitude), give to charities, practice random act or kindness (RAK), and so on. Learn how to forgive and move on! Teh grudges realy hold us down for good energy to come to us!
Third, meditate or simply contemplate. Look at people around you. They run to everywhere they go! Slow down! Walk from time ot time. Admire the trees, the flowers, listen to the birds, children laughing, be AWARE of the good things in teh world, in your environment !
Fourth, if you watch these reality shows with people fighting even people’s court, and the news, stop it! these show fill your heart with negative feelings, with fear, anger, revenge, and so on. All these are poison to your hear and to your confidence!
Dare! tell yourself that you are worth it, you can achieve anything you put your mind into! Visualize yourself right now! having, being or doing what your dream or goal is. Feel how it feels that you are already experiencing your dream! know that you know that is real! say it aloud! “Yes, I feel it! Yes! I have it! Yes, I am doing it! ”
REMEMBER: You are not alone! You are never alone! God-Source-Universe is here to help us live teh life of our dreams! so dare to be happy ! dare to live with passion! dare to live your dreams!
To accomplish great things, notice even the slightest improvement in your projects, whatever big they may be.
Live Happy! You will achieve!

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Be Happy!

How to be a Master Creator of Your Life

To be a Master Creator of your life, you will need to be Awake. What does it mean?

PERCEPTION: You need to always be aware that you see and perceive the world with Your own feeling, your beliefs, and your limits!  This is so important to be aware of it!

GRATITUDE: Be Thankful!  As you wake up, thank God-Source-Universe. For what you have a good practice is to list all what you have, include your health, your family, your apartment or House, your possessions, your car, your job, and what you did for fun , every month or so.  example: Each time I enjoy a good fruit or dish, I am thankful.

READY   As you are in this High Level of energy, Imagine one thing you really what to get. Imagine the feeling of experiencing it. what kind of emotion you are feeling. Imagine you already have it.

WRITE your GOAL Then, write a long paragraph or two of your desired experience in the present tense. Thank God-Source for having it already. Read your paragraph out loud. Feel the joy and excitement feeling your heart!

PRACTICE  Then from time to time, read your manuscript, aloud, with emotion.Every 3 or 4 days, or twice a week.

IMPORTANT: Don’t think all the time about your dream. Let God-Source do the rest. Because if you think of it all the time, you will become impatient, and create a “state of lack” in your mind. Why is it not here already ? etc. So, if you think of it, think with detachment, with the complete trust that it is coming to you, for sure.

OUTCOME:  You will see miracles unfolding before your eyes. Another thing: try to include some generous action in your dreams!

Live Happy!

“The essential is invisible.”  The Little Prince

Create More of Your Life: Be a Master Creator

You will ever be a Master Creator if you don’t genuinely feel that you truly deserve to be .  This is a conflict in you which makes it downright impossible. Of course, maybe you get some small results, but it will be difficlut for you to get consistant, regular results. ( which is what you want. Correct? ) If  down yourself you don’t absolutely feel that you deserve to have, be, and do anything, then you are not completely aligned, connected both to the Source and your creation partner. Therefore you just can’t create whatever you really want in your life.
That is precisely the reason why you need to totally focus on appreciating yourself  entirely.
For starters, write, name something (anything) which you appreciate about yourself every day, for 30 days. Completely accept yourself, yes, all that you are right this instant. Then, know with confidence that you are Per-fect right now. Yes you are pure goodness and worthy of your desires and goals.

Be happy!

“Happiness is not outside of you, it is inside yourself.”

How to Use the Law of Attraction and Explanation

Of course, you must have heard about it by now . This is a movie I recommend to watch”the Secret.” It tells about the “Law of Attraction” in interesting details and includes a great list of speakers, philosophers, authors, trainers, and even scientists, who describe in their own words what is the Law of Attraction, how to use it, and even some personal experiences, and great examples.If you want to understand more in depth what is the law of attraction, there is another movie, “What the bleep do we know” which treat the Law of Attraction under a more scientific approach, in great details, discussed by Quantuum Physicists.

Here is an excerpt of the movie “The Secret”:

Live Happy!

“Success is in the journey, not in the destination.”


links:       Of course, both movies have their written editions, which you can check here The Secret: book , and DVD :  The Secret (Extended Edition)